CDUSClinical Data Update System
CDUSColor Doppler UltraSonography
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Patient Selection: Patients who visited the Interventional Radiology Clinic of our hospital between March 2011 and December 2015 with complaints of limb varices, limb edema, and limb wounds were examined using color Doppler ultrasonography (CDUS).
Niagara employers responded to organization drives in local plants by attempting to establish CDUS instead.
(4) Coolant distribution units (CDUs) Equipment that circulates the cooling fluid the server is immersed in with built-in pumps, transferring heat to coolant water through a heat exchanger.
From an in-rack CDU capable of removing 100 kW to the newest floor mount CDU that removes 1.2MW in a 900mm (36") wide cabinet, we can accommodate both current and future cooling system needs.'
Although the price of CEUS is higher than conventional GS and CDUS, it is still more economical than MRI.
The decrease in retrobulbar blood flow in patients with OIS can be demonstrated by CDUS. Retrograde flow, which is a predictor of high-grade carotid stenosis, can be seen in some patients.
After the CDUs, the ERW loop passes through a plate-and-frame heat exchanger located in a mechanical room below the data center that is centrally located between the office and laboratory space for increased heat recovery efficiency to both building spaces.
The other CDUs and secondary processing units at Jamnagar continue to maintain normal throughput, which is why the company is confident that this temporary shutdown will not impact its ability to meet commercial demands.
LONDON: Both crude oil distillation units (CDUs) at Exxon's Port Jerome oil refinery in France were reported to be offline, according to industry monitor Genscape.
Evidence supporting the development of Clinical Decision Units (CDUs) to impact CHF readmission rates comes from several categories of literature, including disease management and patient education programs, CDU/Observation Unit efficacy studies, and reports on the use of predictive index tools.
The president of CDUs Economic Council, Dr Nicholson thanked Pakistani Ambassador and Embassy for enhancing the knowledge of his team about Pakistan, saying the briefing highlighted the facts that were never covered by the media.