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CDVCanine Distemper Virus
CDVCarte de Visite (small visiting card portraits)
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVCoverage Driven Verification (circuit design)
CDVCriminal Domestic Violence
CDVCar-Derived Van (UK descriptor for commercial vehicles)
CDVComcast Digital Voice
CDVCommittee Draft for Vote (International Electrotechnical Commission)
CDVCompressed Digital Video
CDVComité Départemental de Voile (French: Departmental Committee of Sailing)
CDVCordova, AK, USA (Airport Code)
CDVCore Democratic Value
CDVClutch Delay Valve
CDVCheck Digit Verification
CDVCooperative Distributed Vision (artificial intelligence)
CDVConcours des Vins (French: Wine Competition)
CDVCapacitor Discharge Vaporization
CDVComma Delimited Value
CDVCentral Drawings Vault
CDVConcept Demonstration and Validation (usually seen as CD/V)
CDVCredit/Debit Vendor
CDVConseil et Dépistage Volontaires du VIH (French: Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV)
CDVClean Diesel Vehicle
CDVCarma Data Viewer
CDVCache Delayed Verification
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Twenty urine samples from dogs were tested to compare the ability of CDV RNA detection of three commercial kits of One-Step RT-qPCR.
It also indicates that booster dose for only parvovirus vaccine is required after 3 weeks of first vaccination but not for CDV as protective level of antibody against CDV is found even after 4 weeks of vaccination.
En lo que se refiere a la evaluacion de la CDV en este tipo de pacientes, se han realizado algunos estudios con instrumentos tales como el Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3), evaluando los puntajes alli obtenidos de acuerdo con el tratamiento farmacologico realizado y el tiempo de evolucion; alli se pudieron ver algunos cambios en los pacientes tratados con prednisolona con nueve meses de evolucion, con respecto a aquellos con el mismo tratamiento pero con menor tiempo de evolucion (Sullivan et al.
Q3: Which of the CDV and its dimension is the most influential in the creation of IFC?
Also of interest to Rhode Island, CDV is developing an intelligent transportation systems (ITS) approach to zip merging.
En medicina, el enfoque principal radica en los aspectos de la CDV que se vean afectados por la enfermedad y/o su tratamiento.
We collected blood from 35 raccoons (26 M, 9 F); 8 (23%) were seropositive for CDV.
In contrast to SDV, CDV achieves a lower yield for easyto-get cutting lists and a higher yield for hard-to-get cutting lists.
The reason for the restricted spatial distribution of the decline was likely related to the location of a community, Two Harbors, and the causal agent, CDV.
GERMAN outfit CDV produced the best WW2 series in the world with Combat Mission and has been trying to find something as good ever since.