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CDVChildren of Domestic Violence
CDVCanine Distemper Virus
CDVCarte de Visite (small visiting card portraits)
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVChef de Village (French: Village Chief)
CDVCentro Diocesano Vocazioni (Italian: Diocesan Vocations Center)
CDVC++ Base Development
CDVCurrent Device
CDVCoverage Driven Verification
CDVCompact Disc Video
CDVCargo Delivery Vehicle
CDVCity Delivery Van
CDVCorazon de Vida (foundation; Irvine, CA)
CDVCoverage Driven Verification (circuit design)
CDVCriminal Domestic Violence
CDVCar-Derived Van (UK descriptor for commercial vehicles)
CDVComcast Digital Voice
CDVCommittee Draft for Vote (International Electrotechnical Commission)
CDVCivil Defense Victoreen (shelter radiation detection kit)
CDVCompressed Digital Video
CDVComité Départemental de Voile (French: Departmental Committee of Sailing)
CDVCordova, AK, USA (Airport Code)
CDVCore Democratic Value
CDVClutch Delay Valve
CDVCheck Digit Verification
CDVCooperative Distributed Vision (artificial intelligence)
CDVConcours des Vins (French: Wine Competition)
CDVComma Delimited Value
CDVCapacitor Discharge Vaporization
CDVCentral Drawings Vault
CDVConcept Demonstration and Validation (usually seen as CD/V)
CDVConseil et Dépistage Volontaires du VIH (French: Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV)
CDVCredit/Debit Vendor
CDVClean Diesel Vehicle
CDVCarma Data Viewer
CDVCache Delayed Verification
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La construccion de una nueva identidad surge como un tema importante en la CDV porque justo durante la adolescencia se presenta un gran desarrollo cognitivo y una serie de cambios vertiginosos que hacen que el adolescente replantee las relaciones y concepciones que tiene de el y del mundo.
Asimismo, otras caracteristicas clinicas asociadas pueden reducir la CDV de estos pacientes (Komori, Yanagihara & Kashiba, 2009; Melvin & Limb, 2008).
CDV is spread through respiratory secretions; sneezing and coughing are frequent modes of transmission.
As an additional or complementary option, susceptible invertebrate hosts might have acted as DMV reservoirs, similarly to what has been reported for Baicalia carinata and Limnaea auricularia mollusks, which probably were a source of infection during the CDV epidemic among Baikal seals (Pusa sibirica) in 1987 (10).
[T.sub.eq]/[] [T.sub.sur]/[] [GAMMA] [-] [varies] [1/t] [GAMMA] [-] mean Std mean MV 0.0285 0.0029 0.0918 CDV 0.0330 0.0030 0.1017 LMCV 0.0490 0.0030 0.0981 HV 0.0357 0.0019 0.1038 [varies] [1/t] std mean std mean std 0.0038 0.0278 0.0028 0.1047 0.0140 MV 0.0044 0.0262 0.0029 0.1369 0.0270 CDV 0.0030 0.0470 0.0027 0.1450 0.0072 LMCV 0.0031 0.0341 0.0016 0.1516 0.0072 HV For the calculation the equivalent temperatures, several pivotal parameters to characterize the thermal comfort were neglected.
The CDV deaths have prompted authorities to run further tests on the 11 lions that died last month, according to D.T.
In canines, CDV affects several body systems, including gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts and spinal cord and brain, with common symptoms that include high fever, eye inflammation and eye/nose discharge, laboured breathing and coughing, vomiting and diarrhoea, and hardening of nose and footpads.
The prevalence and diversity of CDV in wildlife in India has not been studied, it said.
We hope it is not CDV. We are taking all preventive measures importing multiple vaccines,' he said, adding the survey found that the deaths were localized to one small pocket of the park.