CDVACalifornia Department of Veterans Affairs
CDVAColorado Division of Veterans Affairs
CDVACroydon and Districts Volleyball Association, Inc. (Australia)
CDVACache Valley Dairy Association
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All patients underwent comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation at baseline and three, six and 12 months post operatively including uncorrected and corrected distant visual acuities [(UDVA, CDVA, and Snellen visual acuity converted to logMAR notation)], SE, topographic astigmatism, slit lamp biomicroscopic and dilated fundus exam.
CDVA had significantly improved compared to baseline at postoperative 1 day, 1 month, and at final examination in both groups (p<0.
COPP staff have already been to several veterans' conventions to present written information and to answer questions because CDVA worked diligently with those groups to make urgent arrangements to include a COPP presence and information.
Similarly, 8% lost one or two lines of CDVA with mean endothelial cell loss of 5% and no reported adverse events.
Another phantom issue the CDVA raises is the distance the Lancaster veterans home would be from veterans' families and friends living in Los Angeles.
In contrast with the beneficial effects of cross-linking treatment on the K max values and stabilization of keratoconus progression, changes in visual acuity, both in UDVA and in CDVA, were not pronounced, though there was an increase in both postoperative CDVA and UDVA values in most of the cases.
This is significant because CDVA often needs to transport veterans to these centers for medical services not available at veterans homes.
Note to editors: This Advisory and previous CDVA news releases are available on our website at www.
There was no representation by the CDVA at the hearing, and when we inquired about that we were told they were all out of town working on other projects.
Bruce Thiesen, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Other key California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA) staff BACKGROUND: The CDVA California Veterans Board consists of seven members (all veterans) appointed by the Governor.
California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA) Interim Secretary Bruce Thiesen today announced the recognition of the Veterans Home of California - Chula Vista by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) as a State veterans home thus making CDVA eligible to receive grant per diem payments for the care of eligible veterans.