CDWGComputer Discount Warehouse Government
CDWGCurriculum Development Working Group (European Society for Engineering Education)
CDWGCollection Development Working Group
CDWGCarcass Disposal Working Group
CDWGCoral Disease Working Group (Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacity Building for Management Program)
CDWGConsumer Disclosures Working Group (Distributed Computing Industry Association)
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We observed that the blood calcium concentration in laying hens of the CDWG was 11.
Calcium concentrations were higher in the CDWG birds than in the UDWG birds.
Feed intake (g/bird/7 d) of laying hens given unchilled drinking water or chilled drinking water under heat stress Treatment CV p- Experimental UDWG (1) CDWG (2) (5) value period (wk) (n (3) = 36) (n = 36) Mean [+ or -] SD (4) Mean [+ or -] SD 1 599 [+ or -] 38 (4,B) 703 [+ or -] 17 (A) 4.