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CDWGCoral Disease Working Group (Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacity Building for Management Program)
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The first group (UDWG) was given unchilled drinking water (23.0[+ or -]2.5[degrees]C) and the second group (CDWG) was given chilled drinking water (16.0[+ or -]0.5[degrees]C).
The laying hens in the CDWG produced significantly more (p<0.001) eggs than those in the UDWG (Table 3).
We observed that the blood calcium concentration in laying hens of the CDWG was 11.72% higher than the UDWG counterparts (p<0.10).
Calcium concentrations were higher in the CDWG birds than in the UDWG birds.
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The DCIA conducts working groups and special projects, such as the P2P-for Games Working Group (PFGWG), P3P Working Group, (P3PWG), P4P Working Group (P4PWG), Inadvertent Sharing Protection Working Group (ISPG), P2P Digital Watermark Working Group (PDWG), Consumer Disclosures Working Group (CDWG), P2P PATROL, and the P2P Revenue Engine (P2PRE).
TO ENTER: Through May 3, teachers, administrators, and technologists can enter the drawing at the contest's website:
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So Watermann began working with solution provider CDW-G ( to determine the best technology for eliminating, or at least reducing, the interference.
For more information contact CDW*G at 800.767.4239 or visit
For more information contact CDW-G at 800.767.4239 or visit