CDWRChihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue (Texas and New Mexico)
CDWRColorado Division of Water Resources (Denver, CO)
CDWRCalifornia Department of Water Resources
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The primacy of local control is also a recurring theme in the first comprehensive report on groundwater to be issued by the CDWR since 1980 (California Department of Water Resources, 2003).
The CPUR metric estimates of pesticide use within 500 m were significantly higher than the CDWR metric for all six pesticides.
The CDWR is a state agency that surveys agricultural lands and crops for inventory mapping and analysis of water use.
A CDWR crop map was available for each county during the period 1988-1994: San Joaquin (1988), Kings (1991), and Fresno (1994) (CDWR 2007).
In a GIS, we linked the CPUR crop-specific pesticide use for each Section in the three study counties to the CDWR crop maps for the corresponding Sections.
For a small percentage of Sections where CDWR indicated crops but there was no reported pesticide use in CPUR, we assumed no pesticide use on those crops.
We also calculated specificity of the CPUR metric compared with the CDWR metric as a gold standard (percent of homes classified as unexposed by CDWR metric that were classified as unexposed by CPUR).
1) 2012 results include the CDWR legal settlements (2) 2012 results include transaction fees and asset write-offs; 2011 results include the impairment charge on investment
GWF sells energy and capacity under a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) with CDWR that expires in December 2012.
The settlements remain subject to certain approvals and do not resolve other ongoing litigation, including disputes with the CDWR, State of California, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
In the event that any of these contacts were to be terminated, CDWR would no longer be responsible for that supply and that power would need to be replaced by Pacific Gas & Electric.
The expiration of the CDWR contract at the end of 2004 lowered the Western region results;