CDZCaballeros del Zodiaco (Spanish: World Knights of the Zodiac; TV show)
CDZChevaliers du Zodiaque (French: Knights of the Zodiac; Japanese comic)
CDZControlled Decking Zone (labor safety)
CDZCommunity Development Zone (various locations)
CDZCalmidazolium Chloride
CDZCroissance Demographique Zéro (French: Zero Population Growth)
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The generation of CDZ in the dissimilar joint always contributed to the change in mechanical properties.
Considerable saturation gradients are observed only in the localized CDZ. Since we associate macroscopic saturation gradients with the presence of microscopic interfaces, sigmoidal profiles evidence compact patterns.
Zurbano rigged the procurement process by making sure that CDZ would be able to submit the lowest price quotations by keeping a blank canvass form and waiting for the two other supposed bidders to submit their quotations first so that the favored supplier could come up with the lowest price quotations, it said.
If Yangon alone has to address poverty in Mandalay and Magway, which is part of the highly populated and poor CDZ, the poverty share will increase to 50.6 per cent.
The first radar system was installed in November 2011 at DSNA Otopeni, the second one was commissioned in December 2011 at CDZ Constanta-Mihail Kogalniceanu and the third one was delivered in May 2012, at Manastur, Arad county.
PXR structure Cocrystallized ligand Cutoff score for sample (PDB code) data set PDB code GoldScore GoldScore Hybrid score 1M13 HYF 82.06 66 15 1NRL SRL 48.31 39 15 1SKX RFP 65.44 52 15 209I 444 48.69 39 15 2QNV CDZ 55.19 44 15 PXR structure (PDB code) Cutoff score for ToxCast data set GoldScore Hybrid score 1M13 51 13 1NRL 46 14 1SKX 48 15 209I 46 13 2QNV 44 11 Predictions based on different docking methods were assessed using a standard set of statistical indicators to evaluate different ligand and docking classification approaches: sensitivity, specificity, overall prediction accuracy, and Matthews correlation coefficient (Kortagere et al.
Chlordiazepoxide (CDZ 10mg/kg, Psicosedin[R], Farmasa, Brazil), valproic acid (ACV--400 mg/kg: Depakene[R], Abbott, Brazil) or diazepam (DZP -1.0mg/kg: Valium[R], Roche, Brazil) was used as the standard drug.
Other references are: chant Chambers Dictionary; cad Coopers Archaic Dictionary; cdz Collegiate Dictionary of Zoology by Robert W.
Police have appealed to drivers who may have seen the red Cavalier - registration CDZ 4720 - to contact them at their Banbridge incident room on 018206 62222.
Since joining the company in June, DeKama has attracted a seasoned sales force that includes Michael Cavalaris of CDZ Sales Inc., Chuck Mitchell of L'Amorueaux Sales & Marketing, Joe Millin of Valor Marketing, Coleman Jackson of Hynes Dowell, Fred O'Kasick of Fred O'Kasick Sales Inc., Mary Cardell of KKM Inc., Dennis Casle and Carol Crafton of MGR & Associates, and Rich and Mary Landers of Landers & Associates Inc.