CDZCaballeros del Zodiaco (Spanish: World Knights of the Zodiac; TV show)
CDZChevaliers du Zodiaque (French: Knights of the Zodiac; Japanese comic)
CDZControlled Decking Zone (labor safety)
CDZCommunity Development Zone (various locations)
CDZCalmidazolium Chloride
CDZCroissance Demographique Zéro (French: Zero Population Growth)
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Zurbano rigged the procurement process by making sure that CDZ would be able to submit the lowest price quotations by keeping a blank canvass form and waiting for the two other supposed bidders to submit their quotations first so that the favored supplier could come up with the lowest price quotations, it said.
The first radar system was installed in November 2011 at DSNA Otopeni, the second one was commissioned in December 2011 at CDZ Constanta-Mihail Kogalniceanu and the third one was delivered in May 2012, at Manastur, Arad county.
An estimated 7,6 % of all-cause mortality and 20,1 % of CDZ mortality could be attributed to PI.
Conclusion Conservative estimates indicate that a considerable proportion of deaths due to highly prevalent CDZ could be attributed to PI.
Ramadan, a substantial portion of the sale proceeds was allocated to eliminate the accrued tax and other liabilities of CDZ on TWC's books.
OTCBB: IVEH) announced today that it has signed a "broker" agreement with CDZ Sales, Inc.
CDZ Sales is a nationally known manufacturer representative group based in Florida distributing and providing retail support for over $100 million in consumer products.
The CDZ region has the second highest population density in Myanmar but remains one of the least developed.
The proposed Irrigation Command Area Development Project (the project) will result in increased agricultural productivity and incomes through the provision and improved management of irrigated agriculture in the CDZ region.
Objective one: to characterize the fisheries sector in the AD and to assess the scope for fisheries development in the CDZ.
A scoping trip to the CDZ was completed in July 2013 and although the CDZ is a fish deficit area, the markets are alimented by locally farmed small-size fish and the scoping indicates a good potential for enhancing fisheries in the river basin and seasonal flood plains.