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CDEXCdrom Extension
CDEXCd Extractor
CDEXCenter for Deep Earth Exploration
CDEXCivil Defense Exercise
CDEXCompact Disk Engineering Data Exchange
CDEXCheckstub Data Exchange
CDEXCombat Developments Experimentation Center
CDEXChemical Detection Excellence (CDEX, Inc; Tucson, AZ)
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During the restructuring CDEX Inc plans on operating as normal, without interruption.
The issuance of this patent is a major milestone achievement for CDEX and affirms both our core technology and our approaches to applying it to a system and method that can be used to detect and identify chemical substances across multiple applications and settings," said Jim Griffin, CEO of CDEX Inc.
Firmbach said that the goal he is setting for the Medication Safety Division is to establish the CDEX ValiMed Medication Validation System (MVS) as the standard for prevention of human error in the compounding of high risk medications and the diversion of hospital narcotics.