CE-MSCapillary Electrophoresis with Mass Spectrometry
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Identifying bacterial species using CE-MS and SEQUEST with an empirical scoring function.
For the section on qualitative and quantitative analysis, enantioselective chromatographic methods are presented as well as optical methods and CE-MS, while the final section deals with the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and metabolic aspects of chiral drugs, devoting whole chapters to stereoselective drug binding and modeling chiral drug-receptor interactions.
This is the supply of CE-MS system (capillary electrophoretic analyzer online coupled with mass spectrometric detector).
These two leading instrument companies have teamed up to take on Agilent, which makes the only other CE-MS instrument.
This CE-MS combination is going to have significant impact," says Richard Smith, chemical methods and separations group leader at Battelle's Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA.
Agilent has developed a number of CE products including CE-MS.
Pharmaceutical firms could take advantage of the new CE-MS systems in biotechnology programs.
Fully suitable for HPLC, U-HPLC, with the option for a CE-MS interface.