CE-MSCapillary Electrophoresis with Mass Spectrometry
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CE-MS separates and identifies polar or ionic compounds in complex mixtures, has high resolution with no complex and laborious sample handling as for GC-MS, and has low sensitivity but high variability than that of LC-MS or GC-MS.21
These sets are based on several MS platforms, ranging from SELDI and MALDI to CE-MS and CEMALDI.
Identifying bacterial species using CE-MS and SEQUEST with an empirical scoring function.
Easily integrated into the CE-MS system, the NFM provides the students with stable sheath liquid flows, leading to a stable electrospray.
These two leading instrument companies have teamed up to take on Agilent, which makes the only other CE-MS instrument.
"This CE-MS combination is going to have significant impact," says Richard Smith, chemical methods and separations group leader at Battelle's Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA.
Agilent has developed a number of CE products including CE-MS.
Pharmaceutical firms could take advantage of the new CE-MS systems in biotechnology programs.
HP also introduced the HP 3DCE-Mass Selective Detector system, the first fully integrated CE-MS system...Beckman Coulter introduced three new products.