CE1Channelized E1
CE1Close Encounter of the First Kind (ufology)
CE1Construction Electrician First Class (Naval Rating)
CE1Cours élémentaire 1ière année (French)
CE1Color Doppler Estimator
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Similar arguments to those we considered regarding CE1 seem to apply here, but not quite so straightforwardly: although John need not have used the expression in question to talk about the addressee of the utterance, it has to be the sort of expression that John would use.
Gene Ae1, Af1, Af3 and Ce1 were detected to be associated with the proliferation of antler tip, cellular transport and ossification mechanism, but gene Ci2 provides instructions for producing a protein called sialin that is located mainly on the membranes of lysosomes, compartments in the cell that digest and recycle materials, and further research remains to done to find the relationship with the antler molecular machinery.
It consists in a US-guided needle aspiration of half volume of an EC followed by the injection of a hypertonic saline solution or ethanol [16] and it is mainly indicated for CE1 and CE3a cysts bigger than 5 cm.
For the liver cyst, 21.4% of the cysts were categorized into CE1, while the others were categorized into CE2 (25.2%), CE3 (4.9%), CE4 (15.2%), and CE5 (33.3%), respectively.
Results indicate that the IBI for the two certain discounts where the three social forces were involved were greater than the IBI for the original price (Items 1-5); the IBI where CE was involved was greater than the IBI where there was social influence (Item 6); in item 7, the result shows that the IBI for the produce with a two-phase discount (CE2) was greater than the IBI for the product with a one-phase discount (CE1); for IBI under the conditions of the three social forces, strength had greater influence than number (Item 8), and number had a greater influence than proximity (Item 9).
CE1 with ([IC.sub.50] 18.28 mg/mL) was most active, followed by ethyl CE2 ([IC.sub.50] 19.37 mg/mL) and CE3 ([IC.sub.50] 20.27 mg/mL) (Table 1).
Reformulacion: Los T se elaboraron realizando un ajuste en el contenido de la proteina vegetal (Soya 46%), para ello se adicionaron los CE en T3, T4 y T5 (0,05% CE1; 0,02% CE2 y 0,05% CE1 + 0,02% CE2, respectivamente) y la proteina de Soya 46% paso a llamarse Soya 7-7-7, esta reformulacion permitio el ahorro de materia prima sin descuidar los requerimientos nutricionales del ave.
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Meanwhile, back at home we selected our NAVSUP Sailor of the Year, CE1 (SCW/EXW/SW/AW) Joel Torres stationed at FISC San Diego.