CE2Creatine Ethyl Ester
CE2Cours élémentaire 2eme année (French)
CE2Close Encounter of the Second Kind (ufology)
CE2Construction Electrician Second Class (Naval Rating)
CE2Commander's Exercise Engagement
CE2Communication Enhancement 2 (US Army program)
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For, just as with CE2, there are constraints on the terms that may be used in cases of sarcasm, as they have to echo the sorts of terms that we envisage the target speaker employing.
The treatment of CE2 and CE3b cysts has been discussed over the years, due to their typical trend to relapse.
For the liver cyst, 21.4% of the cysts were categorized into CE1, while the others were categorized into CE2 (25.2%), CE3 (4.9%), CE4 (15.2%), and CE5 (33.3%), respectively.
La Tabla IV muestra que durante este periodo las Configuraciones CE2, CE3 y CE4 fueron preferenciadas sostenidamente durante seis anos.
Se establecieron ocho factores [KMO = 6,25; [Ji.sup.2] = 14,25 (23 gl) p = 0,000] (Tabla No 1) relativos a la satisfaccion de vida (items SV1, SV2, SV3 y 45% de la varianza total explicada), capacidades esperadas (CE1, CE2, CE3 y 37% de la varianza total explicada), relaciones de confianza (RC1, RC2, RC3 y 33% de la varianza explicada), percepcion de justicia (PJ1, PJ2, PJ3 y 31% de la varianza explicada), expectativas de oportunidad (EO1, EO2, EO3 y 27% de la varianza explicada), valoraciones del entorno (VE1, VE2, VE3 y 25% de la varianza explicada), normas de contexto (NC1, NC2, NC3 y 23% de la varianza explicada), recursos percibidos (RP1, RP2, RP3 y 21% de la varianza explicada).
Al respecto, ha sido muy importante la clasificacion de la OMS (17) de los quistes hidatidicos, que permite estandarizar los diferentes momentos de su evolucion y correlacionar estos hallazgos con su actividad clinica, la cual decrece desde los tipos CE1 CE2 -que son los mas activos- al CE5, que representa la lesion parasitaria mas inactiva; sin embargo, en la practica no siempre es posible encontrar esta concordancia entre la imagen ultrasonografica y el grado de actividad.
The coefficients are represented below in the long run equation CE1 and CE2; therefore, the relationship between CPI, ODA on GDP and on GCE for Cambodia are justified as:
Based on prospect theory (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979) and social impact theory (Latane, 1981), we integrated two certainty effects: one-phase discount with certainty effect (CE1) and two-phase discount with certainty effect (CE2), and three noninteractive social influences: number, proximity, and strength into impulse buying intention, and examined the relationships between impulse buying tendency and impulse buying intention and between impulse buying intention and the two certainty effects of price discount (CE1 and CE2), and impulse buying intention with three social forces of number, proximity, and strength, and price discounts.
(CE2) O conflito mencionado pelo Conselheiro CE2 reflete uma dificuldade comum em cooperativas brasileiras que tentam adotar estruturas separadas de propriedade e controle.
Also, with Ciena's E-Suite family, including the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, F6 will deliver 100G services to regional customers and also offer compact and high-capacity metro aggregation using Ciena's Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) CE2.0-certified 5142 Service Aggregation Switches.
According to the World Health Organization Informal Working Groups on Echinococcosis (WHO-IWGE) classifications, CE is classified as CE1 (unilocular, anechoic cyst), CE2 (multiseptated, honeycomb cyst), CE3A (cyst with detached membranes), CE3B (cyst with daughter cysts in solid matrix), CE4 (cyst with heterogeneous content), or CE5 (solid cyst with calcifications) stages [2].