CE3Close Encounter of the Third Kind (ufology)
CE3Coupling Element 3 (biochemistry)
CE3Construction Electrician Third Class (Naval Rating)
CE3Cry Engine 3 (video game engine)
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The CE3 Soil Washing Technology is capable of remediating soil to agricultural standards, recovering hydrocarbon and reducing environmental liabilities.
Orwell, 'Letter to Gleb Struve', 17 February 1944, CE3, p.
Orwell, 'As I Please', Tribune, 24 December 1943, CE3, p.
Trained" refers to test trials involving directly trained relations, and the acronyms ME, CE1, CE2, and CE3 refer to test trials for mutually entailed, and one-, two- and three-node combinatorially entailed relations respectively.
CE3 Joe Tank mans a turret-mounted M-240B machine gun atop a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) to provide security while Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4 clear debris from the streets of Fallujah, Iraq.
said Tuesday it will start selling its latest handheld personal computer with the Windows CE3.
This paper traces the developmental policies adopted by the CE3.
The CE3 have achieved rapid progress on the first two stages, but have fallen behind expectations with respect to the rate of privatization (Sachs 1991).
CE1, CE2, CE3, and CE4 are dichotomous variables equal to one if the respondent had participated in the consumer education activity and equal to zero otherwise.
In addition, CE cases, on the basis of the conformational features of cysts, were differentiated into 6 types (CL, CE1, CE2, CE3, CE4, and CE5 ) and subdifferentiated by size into 3 subtypes (small [s], medium [m], and large [l]) within each type.
Five of these cysts were <5 cm, 13 cysts were 5-10 cm, and 5 cysts were >10 cm; all were confirmed to be type CE3 (5 CE3s, 13 CE3m, 5 CE3l).
5-cm colour LCD, a 206 MHz processor and uses MS Windows CE3.