CE3Cry Engine 3 (video game engine)
CE3Close Encounter of the Third Kind (ufology)
CE3Coupling Element 3 (biochemistry)
CE3Construction Electrician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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The Gallup survey instrument measuring physician engagement changed from the CE11 (used before 2017) to the CE3 survey used in 2017.
Similarly, perhaps A's utterance could be sarcastic but, as we argued in relation to CE3 above, sarcasm is best construed as a pragmatically introduced phenomenon, not a semantically encoded one.
When surveyed with Gallup's CE3 assessment, the highly engaged -- and most loyal -- customers strongly agree (rate the items with a 5) with the following statements:
So far, CE3 (Central European Three: Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic) has looked more like Japan.
Even though demographic trends are not that different than CE3 (only Egypt and Turkey have rising numbers of 15-24 year-olds over 2015-2020).
Estimated threshold VAR model in our paper for CE3 countries revealed fundamentally new information about the effects of fiscal policy shocks.
For the liver cyst, 21.4% of the cysts were categorized into CE1, while the others were categorized into CE2 (25.2%), CE3 (4.9%), CE4 (15.2%), and CE5 (33.3%), respectively.
Codigo da Grupo de entrevistados Tempo na organizacao entrevista D1 Diretor 6 anos D2 Diretor 10 anos G1 Gerente 7 anos G2 Gerente 10 anos G3 Gerente 16 anos CE1 Cooperado eleito 2 anos com funcoes administrativas CE2 Cooperado eleito 16 anos com funcoes administrativas CE3 Cooperado eleito 9 anos com funcoes administrativas CE4 Cooperado eleito 6 anos com funcoes administrativas CE5 Cooperado eleito 21 anos com funcoes administrativas CE6 Cooperado eleito 17 anos com funcoes administrativas CE7 Cooperado eleito 16 anos com funcoes administrativas C1 Cooperado 22 anos socio C2 Cooperado 5 anos socio C3 Cooperado 6 anos como funcionario e socio ha 9 anos C4 Cooperado 6 anos como funcionario e socio ha 9 anos C5 Cooperado Socio ha 21 anos.
Capital emprendedor CE1 Nuevas empresas inscritas The World Bank & The International Finance Corporation, 2010 CE2 Actividad emprendedora por Global Entrepreneurship oportunidad Monitor (GEM) (http:// www.gemconsortlum.org) CE3 Actividad emprendedora por necesidad C6.