CE3Cry Engine 3 (video game engine)
CE3Close Encounter of the Third Kind (ufology)
CE3Coupling Element 3 (biochemistry)
CE3Construction Electrician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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When surveyed with Gallup's CE3 assessment, the highly engaged -- and most loyal -- customers strongly agree (rate the items with a 5) with the following statements:
So far, CE3 (Central European Three: Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic) has looked more like Japan.
Estimated threshold VAR model in our paper for CE3 countries revealed fundamentally new information about the effects of fiscal policy shocks.
The second cluster consisted of CE1 and CE3 due to the presence of two common species in these sites, Cerradomys maracajuensis and Euryzygomatomys spinosus, presenting similar abundances (Figure 9 e Table 1).
The shale/diabase group contained the MTfr class, and the diabase group consisted of the CE3, LVe, LVAe, Rle1, NVef1, and NVef2 soil classes.
2] Fiabilidad estandarizados [lambda](t- valor) Habilidades de CE1 0,743 (a) 0,552 [alfa] =0,924 direccion CE2 0,819 (8,61) 0,671 CE3 0,842 (8,87) 0,709 CE4 0,848 (8,94) 0,72 CE6 0,767 (8,01) 0,588 CE9 0,802 (8,41) 0,643 Motivacion MOT3 0,890 (a) 0,793 [alfa] =0,952 intrinseca MOT4 0,955 (19,43) 0,912 MOT5 0,938 (18,18) 0,880 MOT6 0,932 (17,82) 0,869 O.
Types CE3 and CE4 with signs of initial degeneration (8% each, 4/50) were rare (Figure 2).
Note CE0 as the entrance 0 (Dougherty, 1996; Smith & Demetsky, 1997), and its' upriver entrances are CE1, CE2, CE3, CE4, CE5, CE6, CE7, CE8, CE9, CE10.
Skilled volunteers included CE3 Ivon Dass from Skokie, Ill.
Item CE3 is retained even though its CITC and loading are slightly below standard.
R99 showed varying degrees of nodulation ranging from nonnodulation with nine strains (Kim 5s, USDA 2667, 2672, 2672, 2680, CFN42, 227, CE3, and RCR 3622) to several tiny pale nodules with the rest of the strains tested.
3, Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1970, henceforth CE3, p.