CEABCentro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes (Spanish: Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes; Blanes, Spain)
CEABCanadian Engineering Accreditation Board
CEABConnecticut Energy Advisory Board
CEABConfédération Européenne des Administrateurs de Biens (French: European Confederation of Property Managers; EU; est. 1989)
CEABCold Engine Air Bleed
CEABCentral European Astrophysical Bulletin (Hvar Observatory; Croatia)
CEABCommand Element Advisory Board
CEABC4I Executive Advisory Board
CEABCercle d'Echecs d'Alsace Bossue (French: Chess Circle of Alsace Bossue)
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For example, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, estimated that the preparation for the last CEAB accreditation review of their nine engineering programs had cost them over $1 M and required the collection of more than a ton of documents, and 16,000 man/hours of preparation time (Dew et al., 2011).
AATT(Activity Control Biomedical Ethics, CEAB),Controleseticos en la actividadbiomedica.
Graduates of programs accredited by the CEAB are eligible for the FCP if they apply on-line at www.peo.on.ca/FCP/FCPl.html within six months of the date their degree was conferred.
Entre estos indicadores y estandares destacan los aportados por la Agencia de Acreditacion de los Programas de Ingenieria y de Arquitectura (CFIA, 2004) de Costa Rica, el Sistema Nacional de Acreditacion de la Educacion Superior (SINAES, 2000), el Consejo de Acreditacion de la Ensenanza de la Ingenieria (CACEI, s.f.) de Mexico, el Consejo de Acreditacion de los Programas de Ingenieria y Tecnologia (ABET, 2004) de los Estados Unidos, el Consejo Canadiense de Acreditacion de los Programas de Ingenieria (CEAB, 2004), el Consejo Nipon de Acreditacion de la Educacion en Ingenieria (JABEE, 2002) y de la Agencia Registrada de Acreditacion de Estudios de Ingenieria e Informatica (ASIIN, s.f.) de Alemania, entre otras.
In September, IREM President Tony Smith, CPM, his wife Elizabeth, and International Education Manager John Gherardini traveled to Genoa, Italy, to participate in the European Condominium Convention co-sponsored by the European Confederation of Property Managers (CEAB; the property management organization of the European Council of Real Estate Professionals [CEPI]) and the National Association of Condominium and Building Managers (ANACI-Italy).
Jeffery Orner, NAVSUP Executive Director, recently approved the selections, which were made by NAVSUP's Civilian Executive Advisory Board (CEAB).
She is a past CEAB member, CE reviewer, and CNN item writer for ANNA.
The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) established the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) in 1965.
The criteria for selection are student club membership, academic achievement, at least one year in an ABET or CEAB accredited agricultural/biological engineering program, and financial need.