CEAFCentre d'Etudes Africaines (French: African Studies Center; Paris, France)
CEAFColorado Energy Assistance Foundation (now Energy Outreach Colorado)
CEAFChristian Economic Assistance Foundation (Canada)
CEAFChick Embryo Amniotic Fluid
CEAFCentral European Aviation Forum (Poland)
CEAFCentral Europe Agri-Food (Sector in the FP6)
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First, we observe a steady and significant increase in CEAF for every additional classifier.
No Brasil, os medicamentos sao fornecidos pelo Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) por meio do Componente Especializado da Assistencia Farmaceutica (CEAF), anteriormente denominado Programa Nacional de Medicamentos de Dispensacao Excepcional/Alto Custo (PMAC).
Adoption of the concept of the Specialized Component of Pharmaceutical Services (Componente Especializado da Assistencia Farmaceutica, or CEAF) is a strategy that aims to create full access to high costs medicines to ensure integrality of treatments, based on paths of care expressed in Clinical Protocols and Therapeutic Guidelines (PCDT) published by the Ministry of Health 5.
Drugs not in REMUME * Dissemination of REMUME and CEAF drug list, through a periodical publication; * Face-to-face interventions with the prescriber to recommend alternative available therapies.
Interessante o artigo de Fonseca e Costa (1) que avaliou o processo de negociacao entre Ministerio da Saude (MS) e governos subnacionais na construcao, em 2009, do Componente Especializado da Assistencia Farmaceutica (CEAF).
Os medicamentos presentes no PCDT fazem parte do Componente Especializado da Assistencia Farmaceutica (CEAF), cujo financiamento e feito pelo Ministerio da Saude.
In Brazil, metabolic formulas for PKU are listed in the Specialized Program for Pharmaceutical Assistance (Componente Especializado de Assistencia Farmaceutica, CEAF) and are thus provided free of charge in accordance with the criteria established by the Brazilian Clinical Protocol and Practice Guideline for PKU (CPPG) (8).