CEAIChristian Educators Association International
CEAICorporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument (est. 2002)
CEAIConsulting Engineers Association of India (New Delhi, India)
CEAICommunity Economic Adjustment Initiative (Canada)
CEAIJournal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics
CEAICampus EAI (Consortium)
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2002) developed a scale called CEAI to assess the impact of organizational factors on the level of entrepreneurial activity within an organization.
MRLC 26 65 3025 8736 CECIT CEAI Tipo de Inicializacion Alaaritmo Sine Square Sine Square 1.
The data were first coded as motivators or de-motivators and then categorized according to the five predetermined organizational conditions for corporate entrepreneurship using the definitions of the dimensions from the grounded theory literature and the CEAI items.
CEAI Colleges and universities are now assured secure and reliable enterprise e-mail security through the CEAI Mirapoint offering.
The CEAI-Mirapoint partnership provides institutions with the flexibility and freedom to deploy the CEAI Mirapoint Anti-virus and Anti-spam solution on-site or have it hosted by CEAI.
Key requirement for CEAI is reliability, functionality and cost.
Patrick Michaels, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CEA said, "The merger of Regent with CEAI forms a vital part of our global expansion plan.
CEAI is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).