CEALCouncil on East Asian Libraries (faculty-librarians' forum)
CEALCentro de Estudios y Apoyo Laboral (Spanish: Center for Labor Studies and Support, El Salvador)
CEALCritical Essays on American Literature
CEALCivil Engineering Automated Library
CEALCompagnie d'Exploitation Agricole Ltée
CEALCoatings Engineered for Adhesion and the Lotus Effect (trademark of CealTec; chemical engineering)
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CEAL era el resultado de un desprendimiento o, mejor, una suerte de "continuacion" respecto del proyecto iniciado por Spivacow en EUDEBA y, en algun punto, su comienzo coincide con el momento mas algido de lo que Amelia Aguado marca como el periodo [1956-1975] de consolidacion de un "mercado interno" que entrara en una crisis profunda, tal y como lo muestra De Diego, en el periodo posterior [1976-1989], tanto por la presion de la censura sobre la edicion como el exilio obligado al que se ven empujados muchos de sus mas activos agentes y, luego, por la endeble situacion economica bajo el alfonsinismo (De Diego 2010).
CEAL buscaba llegar a todos los sectores sociales a nivel nacional.
The concept for CEAL grew out of an April 2001 congressional hearing of the U.
The recommendation states, "The governing board of the CEAL should include balanced representation ensuring no one group dominates the board.
The survey was then replaced by an annual statistical compilation conducted by CEAL (Wu, 1996).
Their writings were published in various library professional journals such as Journal of East Asian Libraries, CEAL Bulletin, Information Technology and Libraries, Library Resources & Technical Services, and Cataloging and Classification Quarterly.
A key objective of CEAL is to identify and disseminate information that fosters practices, policies and research that promote excellence in assisted living, and to help make the industry aware of best practices as developed by experts.
Building from this effort, CEAL and UNC plan to conduct field research to test and validate the person-centered attributes and assisted living indicators.
CEAL continues to be one of the few organizations that brings together consumer advocates and providers to foster and enhance excellence in assisted living across the research, policy and practice sectors," said Mr.
The CEAL Advisory Council will continue to be co-chaired by two longtime Council participants: Dr.
CEAL is modeled after other policy labs in various regions across the country, including California, Washington, D.
In addition to the data migration, licensed users of CLM CEAL and CLM COGO products will be able to purchase or lease any of Intergraph's broad line of civil engineering applications at a greatly reduced price.