CEAMCarte Européenne d'Assurance Maladie (French: European Health Insurance Card)
CEAMCentre d'Expériences Aériennes Militaires (French: Military Air Experience Center)
CEAMChemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
CEAMCenter for Exposure Assessment Modeling
CEAMCumulative Effects Assessment and Management
CEAMCentre d'Estudis Ambientals del Mediterrani (Mediterranean Environmental Studies Center)
CEAMCode of Ethics and Arbitration Manual (publication; National Association of Realtors; Chicago, IL)
CEAMCannes Électricité Auto Marine (French: Cannes Auto Marine Electric; Cannes, France)
CEAMCostruzioni Elettromeccaniche Auto Moto (Italian: Car and Motorcycle Electromechanical Constructions; Monticello, Italy; car and motorcycle construction supplies)
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After this first year of AdlA Operational Test and Evaluation (OT/E), a first operational capability milestone was achieved, and the MEST was split into several units consisting of an operational squadron, training squadron and maintenance unit which departed from CEAM to enter the standard AdlA chain of command.
CEAM RMTE Centro Pare Vila-real Almazora dia Jofre Ribarroja Frecuencia 70 45 71 10 15 16 Porcentaje 60,9 39,1 61,7 8,7 13,0 13,9 rol situacion vital paciente/ familiar Enf.
En este estudio se hizo una modificacion al CEAM II que consistio en cambiar el dominio de los items del cuestionario preguntando acerca de las estrategias usadas por los estudiantes en una asignatura especifica, en este caso en Introduccion a la Ingenieria, y no acerca de como estudiaban todas las asignaturas del semestre, que es el dominio original del CEAM II.
The honors pilot project, from the point of view of the University's strategic plan, is the most important teaching initiative of CEAM.
In a report, CEAM has said that considering the scientific archaeological work done by CEAM at Fort Sao Jose (2004-2006), the news of the discovery of Roman objects, especially in an area that corresponds with the excavated area, is manifestly false.
The latest of these was handed over to CEAM (the French Air Force Test Center) in Mont-de-Marsan in April 2005.
In this group we can cite CEAM, responsible for supplying electricity to the state of Amazonas, CEAL, which operates in the state of Alagoas, and CEMAR, which recently was under intervention from the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), since after repeated losses it was declared insolvent and returned to the government by the controlling private shareholder.
The primary goal of CEAM is to coordinte research on the physical properties, fabrication, and application of advanced rare-earth iron permanent magnets.
Pensamos que este historial explica, al menos en parte, el alto interes y compromiso del publico en materias ambientales que muestran al menos tres encuestas realizadas en la zona de estudio en la ultima decada (Mori, 1999; CEAM, 2005; Villarroel et al.
One hundred PARATYPES: 51 deposited in DZUP and 49 deposited in follow collections: CNCI, MZSP, MNRJ, TAMU, USNM, FSCA, CEAM (7 in each) with same data of the holotype, except label "PARATYPE/ Gibbobruchus bergamini/ Manfio & Ribeiro-Costa/ Desig.
Por ultimo, el cuestionario CEAM II, traduccion y adaptacion del MSLQ (Motivational Strategies Learning Questionnaire) de Pintrich, Smith, Garcia y Mckeachie (1991) a la poblacion universitaria espanola (Roces, Touron y Gonzalez, 1995), presenta tambien problemas, desde nuestro punto de vista.
The EPIGE is a squadron of the Air Force, based near the CEAM, to which personnel from the Navy (CEPA, Naval Aviation Test Center) and Army (STAT/Aero, the technical Branch of the French Army/Airborne Division) are seconded to prepare the programming of each services aircraft EW systems.