CEAPSCollege of Engineering, Architecture & Physical Sciences (Tuskagee University; Tuskagee, AL)
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Workplace Impact of EAP was presented by Greg DeLapp, CEAP, CEO, EAPA; Dave Sharar, PhD, Director of Commercial Science, Chestnut Health Systems; and Mark Attridge, PhD, Attridge Consulting Inc.
The shortage of CEAPs in EA-focused roles may indicate that many EAP providers do not have the verified qualifications necessary for expert practice.
It was sent to the 2,089 CEAPs listed as active in EAPA records.
Exactly 832 CEAPs completed the survey for a response rate of 27%.
As with any "milestone" birthday or anniversary, 25 years seems a fitting time to take stock of the CEAPR credential and our profession by addressing both tenured EA professionals and more recent entrants to the profession, with OUR OWN charge, "ask not what the CEAP can do for you--but what you can do for the CEAP." And to further paraphrase President Kennedy, "...
During my 37 years in the EAP field--the last 25 as a CEAP--and particularly during my recent tenure as a commissioner on the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC), I have been asked by individuals both outside and within our profession to justify or defend the CEAP as a credential and demonstrate its value.
As established by the EACC, the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) designation was designed to demonstrate:
Initially, to obtain the CEAPR credential, eligibility requirements included verifiable work experience in an EAP setting and successful passage of the CEAP examination, first made available in 1986.
Do CEAPs who are working for, or affiliated with, large external vendors actually have three clients--the employee, the vendor/employer, and the client company?
Do CEAPs in sales or account management roles frequently have access to confidential client information that might be useful to disclose from a business perspective, or do clear guidelines exist that protect clinical information from being accessed by non-clinical departments regardless of the qualifications of the person wanting the information?
Federal Department of Transportation have cited the CEAP as a certification of expertise and competence.
It would be grand to be able to say to any other group who seeks to practice our profession--we welcome you to earn your CEAP and take the LEAP.