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CEASECompact Environmental Anomaly Sensor
CEASECollaborative European Anti-Smoking Evaluation (European Respiratory Society)
CEASECitizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation (Somerville, MA)
CEASECenter to End Adolescent Sexual Exploitation
CEASECannabis Enforcement and Suppression Effort (Wisconsin)
CEASEConcerned Educators for a Safe Environment (Cambridge, MA)
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And when this mortal life shall fail, And flesh and sense shall cease, I shall possess within the veil A life of joy and peace.
She had set out at an early hour, but had lingered on the road, inclined by her indolence to believe that if she waited under a warm shed the snow would cease to fall.
It told of how the black folk grew, and of how the white folk should eat them up, and wherefore they were and wherefore they should cease to be.
Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with, or even before, the conflict itself should cease.
If it is a workman, I need but knock against the wall, and he will cease to work, in order to find out who is knocking, and why he does so; but as his occupation is sanctioned by the governor, he will soon resume it.
Of course, I should then cease to be a burden to you, and the post appears to be a comfortable one.
For suppose the correlative of 'the slave' should be said to be 'the man', or the correlative of 'the wing"the bird'; if the attribute 'master' be withdrawn from' the man', the correlation between 'the man' and 'the slave' will cease to exist, for if the man is not a master, the slave is not a slave.
Not only did the birds cease song or chirp, but the lowing of the cattle ceased in the fields and the varied sounds of life died away.
Fouquet that I find it unseemly and improper, and that I command it should cease.
Many of these organizations went so far in their resolutions as to advise parents to cease sending their children to Tuskegee.
For some time they continued through the forest--how long I could not guess for I was learning, what was later borne very forcefully to my mind, that time ceases to be a factor the moment means for measuring it cease to exist.
It had never been there before; now it will never cease to be there.