CEATCollege of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (various locations)
CEATCenter of Excellence for Airport Technology (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
CEATCollege of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (Philippines)
CEATCuerpo Elite Antiterrorista (Spanish: Elite Anti-Terrorist Corps; Colombia)
CEATContractor Evidence Audit Team
CEATCommunity Emergency Action Team
CEATCivil Engineering and Architectural Team
CEATCenter of Engineering and Advanced Technology (Mexico)
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Nitish Bajaj, vice-president, marketing, CEAT Tyres, said, 'The aim behind launching the CEAT app was to provide our customers with all relevant information on our products range, tyre maintenance reminders and dealer locator so as to make it convenient to choose, maintain and replace the tyres.
CEAT has been the success story, which consumers have recognized and expressed their Trust on the Brand, by rewarding it as the Gold Winner of the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand.
Speaking on the occasion Vinod Kumar, Head-Marketing, CEAT Ltd said: "We are pleased to receive the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Gold AwardT 2009 for Tyres category in India.
Tata Motors Loyalty Programme members can redeem points, accumulated against the purchase of CEAT tyres, at authorised dealerships via discount vouchers sent to them.
Confusion initially arose from a letter issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) European and North Atlantic Office (facilitator for the CEATS project) and Eurocontrol (which will operate the centre on behalf of the CEATS states) confirming that states wishing to submit proposals for the location of the CEATS centre should do so by 15 September 1997.
The CEATS Evaluation Group, which consists of representatives from all eight states, was due to begin work immediately after 15 September on defining scoring criteria and developing the structure of the final report which is due to be submitted to the DGCAs by the end of this year.
Austria, as the most dominant and wealthy of the CEATS states, and a member of the European Union, is leading the pack.
Like the four patents issued in the third quarter of 2012, the newest CEATS patent protects the use of interactive seat maps to manage reservations at venues or on airline flights by preventing duplicate reservations.
The real winners today are the consumers who will benefit from these technologies," said CEATS Chairman, Milford Skane.
These patents confirm CEATS as a leader in the multibillion dollar travel and ticketing market," said Phillip Trad, CEATS President and CEO.
In the late 1990s the management of CEATS commenced the development of a visionary design for the reservation and sale of online tickets, rooms, ship berth cabins, and event entertainment ticketing.
CEATS business strategy is to use its twenty (20) issued patents to develop patent and technology compliance in the airline, hotel, reservation and ticketing industries through negotiated licensing in these affected ticketing industries.