CEAUCentral European Association of Urology
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Our CEAU is still growing since our initial Accreditation as an Approver Unit in June, 2017.
La recogida de datos se efectuo a traves de la aplicacion colectiva del CEAU en horario academico y en las aulas ordinarias de los participantes una vez finalizado el primer cuatrimestre del curso.
Had Gorbachev responded to Ceau?escu's plea and sent troops to defend the Wall, would communism in Europe ever have collapsed?
Her father, too, a survivor of the Shoah and Ceau escu's jails, is now lost in exile and elderliness.
It is interesting that PRL and phorbol esters induce Hsp70 and stimulate phosphorylation of stathmin in Nb2 cells because Man ceau et al.
GNA and the Continuing Education Approver Unit (CEAU) believe that nurses are life-long learners.
Some 70 percent of Romanians reportedly now claim to regret the death of Comrade Nicolae Ceau?escu, whose summary execution in 1989 elicited general enthusiasm.
GNA's Continuing Education Approver Unit (CEAU) feels very strongly that a huge part of maintaining that respect is to ensure nurses have the opportunity to receive quality Continuing Professional Development activities.