CEAWCCommittee for the Eradication of Abduction of Women and Children (Sudan)
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This number of returned victims represents a dramatic decrease compared to the 2,708 CEAWC rescues from the previous year.
Given the conditions within which it operates, CEAWC is making a notable effort to seriously address trafficking, particularly through its efforts to identify victims of abduction and reunite them with their families.
Based on an agreement with the Dinka Chief's Committee to allow opportunity for amicable tribal return and reconciliation efforts to occur, the government is not pursuing legal action against abductors who cooperate with CEAWC and voluntarily return their abductees.
CEAWC also includes 22 Joint Tribal Committees (JTCs) located in the affected regions, whose members consist of individuals selected from affected tribes and who receive a small subsidy for food and expenses incurred while working.
During the year, CEAWC continued its efforts to document the extent of abductions in the country.