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CEBACreative Excellence In Business Advertising
CEBACommunity Economic Betterment Account
CEBACompetitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 (US)
CEBAColorado Ethics in Business Alliance (Denver, CO)
CEBAColorado Environmental Business Alliance
CEBACertified Exclusive Buyer Agent
CEBACentral European Business Association (est. 1995)
CEBACommunications Excellence to Black Audiences (award)
CEBACentre Bioacoustique Alpin (France)
CEBACatholic Education Business Administrators
CEBACenter for Engineering and Business Administration
CEBACentral Employment Brokerage Association (San Francisco, CA)
CEBAChemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts
CEBACaucus of Emory Black Alumni
CEBAContinuous Electron Beam Accelerator (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
CEBACenter for Economic and Business Analysis
CEBAContemporary Economics and Business Association (George Mason University)
CEBACustomer-Enabled British Airways
CEBAColorado Elk Breeders Association
CEBACivil Engineering Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
CEBACapital Expenditure Benchmarking Association
CEBAContractors Employee Benefits Administration, Inc.
CEBACSP to EVCP Bridge Application
CEBACapitol Employee Benefit Advisors, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
CEBAChico Esquela Beisbol Association
CEBACost Estimate and Benefit Analysis
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The role of post-financial crisis regulation of bank liquidity and money market funds, the FHLBanks' cooperative structure and system of comprehensive safety and soundness regulation, amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") that provided new methods of establishing priority in the event of debtor insolvency, and FHLBank secured lending practices with real estate collateral are far more important than the CEBA lien in explaining the expansion.
Available 24/7, Ceba can recognise approximately 60,000 different ways customers ask for the 200 banking tasks and will eventually be able to tell customers what they are spending their money on.
The bank said Ceba is different from other bots because it can complete tasks rather than just explaining how to get things done.
Ceba de toros mestizos lecheros, en silvopastoreo con leucaena, acceso a banco de biomasa y suplemento activador del rumen.
The first juxtaposition of dialogues contrasts the poor woman's need to work--she would not have left her stall in the Plaza de la Ceba if her cousin's relative had not come down with a "purmonia" (4)--with the comfortable salary of the rich senoritas cousin, who is a bureaucrat at the Ministro de Hacienda.
Tipo de establecimiento porcino (tipo de granja): se entiende como la actividad de la granja de acuerdo a su objetivo productivo, en donde se categorizaron como granjas de ciclo completo (CC), granjas de cria (Cria) y granjas de ceba (Ceba).