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CEBUSConsumer Electronics Bus
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In addition to its investment in Intellon, Compaq's commitment to the CEBus Standard extends to the CEBus Industry Council (CIC), a not-for-profit trade organization of companies that provides CEBus compliant products and services.
In addition to developing products to meet the CEBus specification, Pulse is actively pursuing the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) and Firewire IEEE 1394 home networking markets.
At the same time, Murray said, the two companies will support ongoing work to assure that systems based on CEBus that are installed in residences today communicate seamlessly with SCP devices from appliance vendors such as General Electric, a key partner in the initiative.
CEBus is the Consumer Electronics Bus (EIA IS-60) and was developed by the Electronic Industries Association.
Many of CEBUS's clients are small to medium enterprises who can't afford their own marketing personnel, so they rely on the advice and support that CEBUS and its team of freelance marketing professionals provide.
a Canadian consortium partner, will provide the new interactive multimedia system which includes the Intellon power line transceiver for communication with CEBus devices in the home.
The products are based on Intellon's patented Spread Spectrum Carrier (SSC), the wireless technology behind CEBus.
Intellon's CEBus technology is revolutionizing the way consumer worldwide look at the efficient management of their homes.