CECABCanadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board
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Manager, CECAB Member Association FEitima Horta says.
SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Higino do Sacramento Catarina, CECAB, Former President:
SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) FEitima Horta, CECAB Cocoa Association Manager:
Hans Luts, who previously served as integration manager for the CECAB acquisition at PinguinLutosa, has assumed the position of managing director of the Pinguin frozen vegetable division.
El V Simposio Internacional del CECAB fue planeado para agregar seis Grupos de Trabajo (GT's) debatidores de los siguientes sub-temas: Analisis comparados: Artes visuless, Literatura y musica: Genero, sexualidad y generacion; Patrimonio y representacion: Politica e identidades nacionales: Religion y religiosidad.
As a result, CECAB certification can be completed online, from home or office, at an environmental practitioner's, own convenience, provided they have Internet access.
He feels that the evolution of CECAB demonstrates the industry's movement from dealing with very specific issues to approaching environmental problems more holistically.
He views the CECAB process as "crucial to ensuring that people and consultants providing 'environmental' services hold the highest set of ethics" and skills possible.