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CECBCoupon-Eligible Converter Box (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)
CECBCentral Engineering Consultancy Bureau (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
CECBChhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board (India)
CECBCenter for Ecology and Conservation Biology (Boston, MA)
CECBCentro de Educacion Campesina de Bases (Spanish: Rural Education Center Base; Bolivia)
CECBCymdeithas Yn Erbyn Cynhesu Byd-Eang (Welsh: Society Against Global Warming)
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Guarantees for participation and performance in the form of money to be paid by bank transfer to the account of TP DLS "Borovo" IBAN BG96 CECB 10E7 9790 8454 00, BIC CECB BGSF, Bank "CCB" AD Branch Pazardzhik.
Under the final NTIA rule (72 Federal Register 12097) and subsequent instructions regarding the CECB program, manufacturers are required to provide their own certified test report verifying that they meet all Technical Requirements under Technical Appendix 1 to Part 301 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program (47 C.
Guarantees in the form of money to be paid by bank transfer to the account of TP DGS "Smilyan" IBAN BG 50 CECB 9790 10E7 7372 00 VIC CECBBGSF, "Central Cooperative Bank" branch Smolyan and bank guarantee - the original, issued by the Bank is valid for 30 (thirty) days longer than the term of the contract.
Our CECB reference design is guaranteed NTIA-certifiable, and we are very pleased to have worked with Falcon to be one of the few companies able to deliver products to assist in the digital transition.
Certification is an essential step for customers in qualifying their digital-to-analog converter boxes for sale under the CECB initiative, and NTIA approval means that manufacturers can move their products into production for an early 2008 rollout.
The security may be lodged in a bank account in the lev to the hospital "Sveta Petka" AD - in Vidin Bank Bank "Central Cooperative Bank"; IBAN BG33 CECB 10F1 9790 1035 03; BIC CECBBGSF.
The NTIA, the government agency charged with administering the CECB program, established a certification process with rigidly-defined technical and feature requirements.
When choosing a form - a sum of money that is paid into an account of DGS Republic - IBAN BG28 CECB 10E6 9790 0432 00 - "CCB" AD; 1.
Lucky IBAN BG 87 CECB 10C7 9790 626 300; BIC CECBBGSF, at Bank CCB Branch Asenovgrad town office.
Parvomai IBAN BG70 CECB 10F4 9790 5055 00, BIC CECBBGSF, in "Central Cooperative Bank" branch Blagoevgrad, Petrich office until 1630.