CECCCongressional-Executive Commission on China
CECCConférence des Éveques Catholiques du Canada (French: Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops)
CECCChina Electronic Chamber of Commerce
CECCCentre d'Études Collégiales en Charlevoix (French: Charlevoix Collegial Studies Center; Canada)
CECCCommunity Early Childhood Council
CECCCentral Eglinton Community Centre
CECCCalifornia Educational Computer Consortium
CECCCivil Emergency Crisis Cell
CECCChicago Energy Conservation Code
CECCCorse Entretien Chauffage Climatisation (French: Corse Air Conditioning Heating Service)
CECCCENELEC Electronic Component Committee
CECCConsolidated Emergency Communications Center
CECCCorps of Engineers Office of Chief Counsel
CECCCentre for eCommerce and Communicatoins (Australia)
CECCCommodity Export Classification Certificate
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Yabaite further claimed that CECC paid it $19.58 million whereas $17.08m were paid through 16 third-party companies from Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia and other regions including Middle East countries.
Congress and the CECC have both been following Lee Ming-che's case closely and have already had meetings with his wife through representatives who have visited in Taiwan over the past year, according to the TACHR.
Lius Yu Feng, Vice President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC) said, "We play an intermediary role between members and the government to safeguard the legitimate rights and interest of members and timely reflect their opinions and requirements coordinate the interest of members to promote the sales."
Bilan et perspectives, vingt-cinq ans apres (1962-1987), Montreal: Bellarmin, 1988, 13-32; Routhier, G., L'eucharistie manifestation de l'Eglise locale, <<Etudes canadiennes en liturgie>>, 2, Ottawa: CECC, 1992.
A sample of 100 mL was collected from the surface water of the rotifers tank and analyzed by the microdot chromogenic method using CECC, CLM and Baird Parker agar to detect the presence of E.
Robert Reynolds, a citizen of Leon County, filed a notice of appeal in two of the proceedings (LCEID and FDFC) and three citizens in Broward County, Vicki Thomas, Christopher Trapani, and Sidney Karabel, filed an appeal in the CECC proceeding.
Special co-organizers for CES Asia include the Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Product (CCCME).
Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), the demolitions are part of an official campaign called the "Three Rectifications and One Demolition," launched by the Zhejiang provincial government in March 2013 officially to address the presence in the province of "illegal structures." However, said a CECC report released in July, Zhejiang authorities have appeared "to target Christian churches and officials' rhetoric in meetings and government reports appeared to demonstrate a negative view of the growth of Christianity in Zhejiang and an intention to target religious sites, especially Christian sites, for demolition."
Beginning August 25, 2013, CECC loosens restrictions on use of government-funded HRIG for rabies cases bitten by ferret-badgers.
It is immediate that there exist ceCc A, deDcA such that *Sc and cRb if and only if *Td and dRb.
The aim of this work is to improve understanding of accelerators on cerium conversion coatings, by studying the effect of different concentrations of boric acid as an accelerator added to CeCC at 0.1 g [L.sup.-1] at 60[degrees]C, and the role played by the substrate composition.