CECICommand Level Interpreter
CECICentre Canadien d'Étude et de Coopération Internationale (French)
CECICenter for Educational Computing Initiatives
CECICentre Canadien d'Etudes et de Cooperation Internationale
CECICoral Energy Canada, Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
CECICitizens' Empowerment Center in Israel
CECICertified Expert Criminal Investigator (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CECIConsulting Engineers Council of Illinois
CECICertified Erosion Control Inspector (Oregon)
CECIOffice of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Corporate Information (USACE)
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The garments of CECI, by Zhang Shou-yu, embody simplicity and ease.
See CECI & BRUCK, JEOPARDY, supra note 64, at 273 ("In short, we urge expert witnesses to review the full corpus of relevant scientific work, describing the magnitude of errors, the inconsistencies within and across studies, and the boundary conditions that might limit any generalization from the science to the case at bar); Ornstein & Gordon, supra note 38, at 242 ("'boundary conditions' may interfere with general statements about the sequelae of abuse or the suggestibility of children, requiring the expert to say that 'X may hold under certain conditions, but Y may be true in other situations.
CECI & BRUCK, JEOPARDY, supra note 64, at 120 (discussing Cassel & Bjorklund).
Neil Kadisha and Omninet Capital have been supporters of CECI since its inception in 2002.
In a progressive move towards the reformation of the Israeli political system two Members of the Knesset, Ophir Pines-Paz, MK, Chairman of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee and Israeli politician and member of Knesset for Kadima, Yoel Hasson spoke at the press conference organized by CECI to formally announce the Knesset support for the efforts of the Citizens Empowerment Center in Israel.
Neil Kadisha, Managing Member of Omninet Capital, who is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Jewish Federation, strongly believes that Israel is in a state of dire need for change and feels that CECI is making strides towards the improvement of the political system that has plagued the Knesset for nearly 60 years.
Canada is proud of its partnership with CECI and our shared commitment to helping women become economically self-sufficient and valuable contributors to their communities and families, said Minister Paradis.
CECI thanks the Government of Canada for supporting this important project that promises to improve the living conditions of women in the poorest rural regions of Burkina Faso and provide skills training for greater and more lucrative employment opportunities for women working as rice parboilers, said Claudia Black, Executive Director of CECI.