CECLCurrent Expected Credit Loss (finance)
CECLCentre for English Corpus Linguistics (Belgium)
CECLCenter for Early Childhood Leadership (National-Louis University; Wheeling, IL)
CECLCentre for European Constitutional Law
CECLCommission on European Contract Law
CECLCarib Engineering Corporation Limited (now Rural Water Supply Company; Jamaica)
CECLCatalyst for Emerging Church Leadership
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"I think we, as a profession, can handle changes of that size," he said, even with the continuing challenge of revenue, leases, and CECL (current expected credit losses).
Whether used as a data source, model or report, banks need to be able to control, audit and report on the accuracy and quality of data in their key CECL spreadsheets.
Earlier version of guidance would have mandated a cost basis adjustment made upon a TDR, but post review the credit losses upon TDR would be measured using CECL Models only.
THE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING STANDARD BOARD'S (FASB's) proposed Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model for projecting losses is intuitively appealing.
LiCl, NaCl, KC1, CeCl, and [(N[H.sub.4]).sub.2]S[O.sub.4] were included at final monovalent cation concentrations up to 50 mmol/L.
(11) Cecl explique le nom de <<grippe espagnole>>, car la neutralite de l'Espagne l'autorlsalt, contrairement aux pays en guerre, a reveler dans la transparence l'etendue des ravages de la maladie.
Desde esta perspectiva (Freire 1970, 1973) se parte del supuesto de que la experiencia de todas las personas es valiosa y puede contribuir al proceso de investigacion-accion o, en el caso de la Cibercultur@, a la creacion y consolidacion de una Comunidad Emergente de Conocimiento Local (CECL).
Whenever possible, identification at species level was carried out with keys from taxonomical reviews or by comparison with identified specimens from the Entomological Collection Angelo Moreira da Costa Lima (CECL), at the Institute of Biology of the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Ja a CECL e uma rede que se organiza para construir dinamicas e articulacoes sociais com a finalidade de enfrentar problemas concretos que afetam o grupo social mais amplo de onde ela emerge.
16) age 7 years(b),(d) CECL Attention problems Poisson raw Logistic dichotonlized T Exposure [beta] (95% [rho]- OR (95% CI) [rho]-Value CI) Value Cord (32) 0.38 (0.06-0 0.018* 5.66 0.119 adducts, 69) (0.64-50.05) age 4.8 years(b),(c) Cord (32) 0.22 0.009* 3.30(1.22-12.54) 0.022* adducts, (0.06-0.38) age 7 years(b),(d) DSM; Anxiety problems Logistic model Exposure OR (95% CI) [rho]-Value Cord (32) 8.30(1.13-60.71) 0.037* adducts, age 4.8 years(b),(c) Cord (32) 1.26 (0.42-3.82) 0683 adducts, age 7 years(b),(d) (a)The model includes prenatal ETS, sex of child, gestational age, maternal IQ, HOME inventory, maternal education, ethnicity, prenatal demoralization, age at assessment, and heating season as covariates.