CECLAComisión Especial de Coordinación Latino Americana (Spanish: Special Commission for Latin American Coordination; UN)
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Asi, mientras que Duruz (2008), Karaosmanoglu (2009) y Swislocki (2008) asocian el gusto por lo ajeno con el consumo nostalgico, Grosglink y Ram (2013), La Cecla (1995) y Ward et al.
Although these attitudes are effectively seen as legitimate for the verification of a penitentiary supremacy in the definition of the prison order production modalities, they also have the rebound effect of legitimizing this supremacy, resulting in a form of "a well understood misunderstanding" (La Cecla, 2002), where the educators, including the more dissatisfied, can conform with the situation of asymmetry in order to find resources for increasing their professionalism.
We live indeed in a more and more technological world where the media put forward their "promises of a presence", a "disembodied presence" which, according to anthropologist La Cecla (2006:109) [8], is one of the main features of our contemporary society.
Finalmente, Chile asume en esos anos un liderazgo en la CECLA, a traves de las conferencias de ministros de relaciones exteriores de la region.
La Cecla (2000).points to the development of "rough manners" (rude, rowdy, crude behavior, overt public displays of male sexual desire, rough house, all male physical play and especially speech) as being the ways in which Italian men not only express who they are not, but also, who they know how to be.
En terminos historicos, la experiencia fue frustrante: la Comision Especial de Coordinacion Latinoamericana (CECLA), concebida como un mecanismo diplomatico de articulacion regional, tuvo una vida efimera; los dos pilares de la integracion economica --la Asociacion Latinoamerica de Libre Comercio (ALALC) y la Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integracion (ALADI)-- estan, de facto, difuntos; mientras que el importante espacio de consulta y cooperacion economica --el Sistema Economico Latinoamericano (SELA)-- ha colapsado.
"We are flesh and geography," writes the Italian ethnographer Franco La Cecla. In a world where we continually lose our surroundings to travel--both forced and chosen--community is an itinerary more than an identity.