CECLPCoalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (Baltimore, MD)
CECLPCalgary Energy Centre Limited Partnership (Canada)
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The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of the Partnership, ICLP, ICPI, CECGP and CECLP.
Electricity revenue derived from sales pursuant to the Electricity Purchase Agreement (the "Island EPA") dated September 29, 1998, between ICLP and British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority ("BC Hydro") and the Tolling Agreement, dated effective as of August 29, 2002, between Calpine Energy Services Canada Partnership ("CESCP") and CECLP (the "Calgary Energy Tolling Agreement") is recorded at the time electrical energy is delivered at the rates set out in the Island EPA and, with respect to the Calgary Energy Tolling Agreement, revenue is recorded monthly based on the monthly charge set forth in the Calgary Energy Tolling Agreement.
Under the terms of the operating and maintenance agreement between ICPI, ICLP and the Manager, and the operating and maintenance agreement between CECGP, CECLP and the Manager, the Manager operates and maintains the Island Cogeneration Facility and the Calgary Energy Centre for the reimbursement of its costs.