CECTContrast Enhanced Computed Tomography
CECTContinuing Education and Customized Training
CECTChemical Engineering and Chemical Technology
CECTCentre of Excellence for Classical Tamil (India)
CECTComité Européen de la Chaudronnerie et de la Tuyauterie (French: European Committee of Boilers and Piping; EU)
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He said CECT contributes to employment creation and implored the government to be flexible in terms of land acquisition for the trusts.
The sagittal CECT scan of the neck shows amorphous calcification of the longus colli muscle and a retropharyngeal effusion (red arrow).
Followup CECT Thorax after Thoracotomy reveals (A) significant resolution of Left Pleural Effusion with Drainage Tubes in situ; (B) Persistence of the Pleural-Based Lesions; (C) Significant Re-Expansion of Left Lung Field
If the clinical diagnosis of AP is strongly suspected while the enzyme levels are in normal range, CECT should be performed without delay.
Pancreatic NETs --pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors CECT --contrast-enhanced computed tomography CT --computed tomography
These patients were then advised a CECT of abdomen wherein the diagnosis was confirmed.
MRI and CECT findings were re-evaluated according to the histopathological findings.
In the study of Byrom j et al17 the sensitivity and specificity of CECT in detecting malignancy was 90% and 85% respectively, which leads to overall accuracy of CECT for detecting stage was 73% (37 subject out of 51).
CECT has a great advantage in diagnosis of acute AoD, sensitivity ranging from 83% to 98% and the specificity ranging from 87% to 100%.
They identified one strain (Bifidobacterium bifidum CECT 7366) that under certain conditions had an inhibition level of nearly 95 percent in vitro and tested its activity against infection in mice.