CECTContrast Enhanced Computed Tomography
CECTContinuing Education and Customized Training
CECTChemical Engineering and Chemical Technology
CECTCentre of Excellence for Classical Tamil (India)
CECTComité Européen de la Chaudronnerie et de la Tuyauterie (French: European Committee of Boilers and Piping; EU)
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He commended them for working well with the ministry adding that all community trusts should emulate CECT.
What is the abnormality in the CECT scan as shown in Figure 1?
Followup CECT Thorax after Thoracotomy reveals (A) significant resolution of Left Pleural Effusion with Drainage Tubes in situ; (B) Persistence of the Pleural-Based Lesions; (C) Significant Re-Expansion of Left Lung Field
Caption: Figure 4: Axial CECT neck showing well-defined hypodense lymph node in the right supraclavicular region and posterior to right CCA and IJV at level IV showing peripheral rim enhancement with central caseation necrosis eroding through the posterior wall of right IJV with filling defect in contrast filled IJV lumen suggestive of thrombus.
In the study of Byrom j et al17 the sensitivity and specificity of CECT in detecting malignancy was 90% and 85% respectively, which leads to overall accuracy of CECT for detecting stage was 73% (37 subject out of 51).
[7] CECT establishes degree of lung hypoplasia and the anomalous vein with other associated anomalies and differentiates it from atelectasis, bronchopulmonary sequestration and true dextrocardia, [8,9] MDCT with 3D reconstruction will detect the entire course of Scimitar vein and its eventual drainage site.
A follow-up CECT of the pelvis demonstrated a left superior pubic rami fracture of indeterminate age and a left inferior pubic rami fracture with a lytic appearance and expansion of the bone.
In the present study, we demonstrate the efficacy of NAC in patients with impairment of renal function, which were referred to our institution for CECT scan.
[6] Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) abdomen can swiftly reveal the diagnosis with characteristic finding being: hypodensity in trunk of SMV (indicating thrombus), thickened small bowel segment, intra-peritoneal fluid collection.
(20) Furthermore, the latter group supported their finding with a counterfactual analysis, in which each patient acted as his or her own control by having both CECT and noncontrast CT within the study period.
Imaging of vascular complications of pancreatitis is best evaluated by Contrast enhanced Computer tomography (CECT) including CT angiography
China Unicom has already purchased over 120,000 units of the CECT CoolPAD 858 model of the dual mode smartphone.