CECUCommunity Educators Credit Union (Melbourne, FL)
CECUCity Employees Credit Union (various locations)
CECUCommunaute Evangelique du Christ en Ubangi (Church of Christ of Ubangi)
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BioPassword's two-phase security system is seamless to the user, which is very important for us," said Steve Schipull, CECU senior vice president of finance and technology.
BioNet officials underscored the benefits CECU stands to gain.
One of our objectives is to help clients like CECU increase member retention and satisfaction, while reducing back room processing costs," said David Peterson, executive vice president of Goldleaf Technologies.
The intervention of the associations like OCU (Consumers and Users Association), FACUA (Consumers in Action Association) and CECU (Consumers and Users Council) was minimal.
com, "Por la verdad sobre el tema"; "Controladores aereos y otras hierbas") * Consumers' Associations: OCU (Consumers and Users Association); FACUA (Consumers in Action Association); UCE (Spanish Consumers Union); CECU (Consumers and Users Council); Ausbanc; ASGECO (General Association of Consumers); Association of Consumers and Users of Air Transport and Tour Travel; indemnizacionportuvuelo.
Cabe citar, por ejemplo, Estudios sobre Consumo, Consumo Gusto (Diputacion de Sevilla), Consumerismo (CECU, Confederacion Estatal de Consumidores y Usuarios), Ciudadano (Fundacion Ciudadano, integrada por diversas asociaciones de consumidores y usuarios, tales como UCE, ASGECO, AUC, CECU, FUCI y UNAE), Compra Maestra (OCU, Organizacion de Consumidores y Usuarios), Eroski .