CEDAPCommercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (State & Local Government Coordination & Preparedness)
CEDAPCivilian Executive Development Assignment Program
CEDAPColonia Economically Distressed Areas Program (Texas)
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The samples were collected during a medical appointment at CEDAP and were processed at the Professor Goncalo Moniz Central Laboratory of Public Health of Bahia--LACEN-BA.
The ICRI was one of two radio interoperability devices made available through CEDAP.
The ICRI satisfies CEDAP requirements for an operator to interconnect several disparate hand held radios and mobile radios together.
The inclusion was restricted to HIV perinatally infected children, aged one to 12 years old, under antiretroviral therapy for at least six months and regular care at HUPES or CEDAP, and to their caregivers.
For more information on CounterMeasures(TM) and the CEDAP program and to apply to purchase the software, visit http://countermeasures.
The link to the updated CEDAP 2005 briefing book, which includes FAQs, equipment list, application and other guidelines can be found at the following links on the Responder Knowledge Base, The National Memorial Institute for Terrorism:
CEDAP was funded at $32 million for fiscal year 2005, and for FY 2006 the House and Senate approved $50 million through the 2006 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill.
Of the 622 children who were born to HIV-infected mothers at CEDAP between 2005 and 2008, 172 (28%) did not meet our eligibility criteria because these children were seen one or fewer times in the health service, leaving 450 eligible infants.
First, because we required two negative viral tests for a child to be defined as uninfected, we had substantial missing data and were only able to study a sub-sample of all HIV-exposed infants reported through CEDAP during this time period.
HIV-infected pregnant women attending CEDAP during the study period who agreed to participate were included.
Table l-Prevalence of STI in HIV-infected pregnant women, CEDAP, Salvador, BA, Brazil, 2010-2011.