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CEDARCoupling Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions
CEDARCentral European Environmental Data Request Facility
CEDARCenter for Education and Drug Abuse Research
CEDARCenter of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition
CEDARCore Extraction Distributed Ad-Hoc Routing
CEDARCentre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research
CEDARCalifornia Economic Diversification and Revitalization
CEDARComputer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration
CEDARComplexity, Expressibility, and Decidability in Automated Reasoning (workshop)
CEDARChristian Education Development and Relief
CEDARCenter for Economic Development and Applied Research (Royal Roads University)
CEDARCentro de Diagnóstico de Embarazo de Alto Riesgo (Spanish)
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That province of the kingdom of Damot, which I was assigned to by my superior, is called Ligonus, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful and agreeable places in the world; the air is healthful and temperate, and all the mountains, which are not very high, shaded with cedars.
On the branches of the cedars were perched large eagles; amid the foliage of the weeping willows were herons, solemnly standing on one leg; and on every hand were crows, ducks, hawks, wild birds, and a multitude of cranes, which the Japanese consider sacred, and which to their minds symbolise long life and prosperity.
There was a large fire burning on the hearth, and one could smell from far the fragrant reek of burning cedar and sandal wood.
All's well," he cried, as he entered; "I have hired a cedar wherry, as light as a canoe, as easy on the wing as any swallow.
Three little hills stood near each other, and down in the midst of them sunk a hollow basin, almost mathematically circular, two or three hundred feet in breadth, and of such depth that a stately cedar might but just be visible above the sides.
It was a pretty scene outside the house: the farmers and their families were moving about the lawn, among the flowers and shrubs, or along the broad straight road leading from the east front, where a carpet of mossy grass spread on each side, studded here and there with a dark flat-boughed cedar, or a grand pyramidal fir sweeping the ground with its branches, all tipped with a fringe of paler green.
The best of them are "The Stone Fleet,' 'In the Prison Pen,' 'The College Colonel,' 'The March to the Sea,' 'Running the Batteries,' and 'Sheridan at Cedar Creek.
Some are upwards of fifty feet long, cut out of a single tree, either fir or white cedar, and capable of carrying thirty persons.
Kim laid himself down, his ear against a crack in the heat-split cedar door, and, following his instinct, stretched out to listen and watch.
Upon opening this latter (which we did quite easily), we arrived at a third case, also coffin-shaped, and varying from the second one in no particular, except in that of its material, which was cedar, and still emitted the peculiar and highly aromatic odor of that wood.
If you repeat my remarks to any of the West Cedar Street circle, be sure you tone them down as your discretion will suggest.
Undoubtedly; among the 'mammoth trees' of California, there is a cedar four hundred and eighty feet in height.