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CEDECommitted Effective Dose Equivalent
CEDECentro Europeo Dell Educazione (Italian: European Center of Education)
CEDECentral European Dental Exhibition (trade show)
CEDECentro de Estudios sobre Desarrollo Económico
CEDECenter for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship (Penn State)
CEDECentro de Estudos da Democraçia e Desenvolvimento (Galician: Center for the Study of Democracy and Development; Mozambique)
CEDECongreso y Exposición International de la Energía Eléctrica
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Pressure mounted on President Boris Yeltsin to cede some of his powers or even step aside as Russia's political leaders frantically negotiated over fundamental changes in the country's economic policies.
Piedra que cede (The yielding stone), 1992, is the perfect self-portrait of the artist as nomad: a ball of gray plasticine, the same weight as Orozco himself, which the artist rolled through the streets of New York and elsewhere.
The Republicans, he said, "propose to cede back power from the hallowed halls of Congress to the more hallowed kitchen tables of America, where night after night families bow their heads in thanks and make decisions about education, charity, jobs, spending, debt, and values with a wisdom and compassion that no number of agency heads, cabinet secretaries, or members of Congress could ever match.
Let me have them, and I'll cede you 50 acres of Central Park.
The revised draft, presented by the NAIC's Fronting Working Group, would permit an admitted insurer to cede business to an unlicensed reinsurer if the amount of written premiums ceded to a single, unlicensed reinsurer does not exceed 1 percent of the licensed insurer's policyholder surplus in the previous year and if all such reserve liabilities do not exceed 5 percent of the insurer's policyholder surplus.
MP Bolot Sher (Ata Meken) explained in his statement posted on the Parliament's website the reason why he decided to cede the rank of the Lieutenant General.
Under this model, in the event that General Synod votes against the local option on the matter of same-sex blessings, "the diocesan bishop of New Westminster (Michael Ingham) and metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon (Archbishop David Crawley) volunteer to temporarily cede jurisdiction" over New Westminster's most strongly dissenting parishes and their clergy to another metropolitan.
Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday issued official policy guidelines confirming that his government does not intend to cede the Golan Heights to Syria or to allow a Palestinian state, but declaring that he is ready for negotiations with the Syrians and the Palestinian Authority.