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The major etymological sources, such as the CEDEL, EDME, OED, SCEDEL, SEDME and WO dictionaries inform us that the Mod.
the Depository Trust Company (DTC) in the United States; (2) through a local agent who is a member of the securities intermediary in the country of issue; (3) through a global custodian who employs a local agent as sub-custodian; (4) through a [securities intermediary] in the non-resident's own country who has established a link [to the securities intermediary] in the country of issue; or (5) through an international securities intermediary, such as Euroclear or CEDEL, that has established a direct or indirect link to the securities intermediary in the country of issue.
Deutsche Boerse, which manages the Frankfurt stock exchange has struck an agreement with Cedel on its acquisition of the remaining 50% of the settlement-compensation house Clearstream.
Moreover, the new securities are designed to appeal to international investors, as they can be electronically transferred through international clearing organizations such as Euroclear and Cedel as well as through the NBES system.
"Clearing and Settling the Euro-Securities Market: Euro-Clear and Cedel" (March 1989).
Cedel International, the Luxembourg-based cross-border clearing and settlement organisation, has signed the legal papers formalising its merger with Deutsche Bourse Clearing.
Actual settlement of securities transactions typically occurs over the books of a domestic securities depository, such as the Depository Trust Company or the Fedwire National Book-Entry System in the United States, or at one of the two major international securities depositories, Euroclear or Cedel. Additional clearing firms, such as the National Securities Clearing Corporation and the Government Securities Clearing Corporation in the United States, may also occupy central roles in the trade clearance and settlement process.
(14.)Eastell R, Yergey AL, Vieira NE, Cedel SL, Kumar R, Riggs BL.
The European clearing system Cedel, based in Luxembourg, and Germany's Deutsche Boerse Clearing (DBC) have unveiled plans to merge in a move which could create a rival to Euroclear as the world's biggest cross-border settlement system.
Luxembourg-based clearer, settler and custody house Cedel Bank and MTS SpA, the Italian electronic bond trading system, said direct settlement for selected bonds traded on MTS was now available through Cedel Bank.