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CEDIACentury Diamond
CEDIACustom Electronics Design and Installation Association
CEDIACloned Enzyme Donor Immunoassay
CEDIACentre d'Etudes et de Développement en Ingénierie Acoustique (French: Center for Study and Development in Engineering Acoustics; Belgium)
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None of the individuals who tested positive by the Emit and CEDIA assays in this study was administered these medications.
Sharp is a prime example, as the company will display its Open AQUOS LCD television at CEDIA.
In contrast, the imprecision of the CEDIA determined in a control sample with ~90 [micro]g/L CsA exceeded the limit of 10% that was recommended for concentrations at the low end of the therapeutic range.
He admitted, We were so excited to share these new features that we just couldn t wait until CEDIA Expo 2014 .
Visit SIM2 at Booth 5241 during CEDIA Expo for a demonstration worth attending and learn more about the 2011 anniversary collection.
The collaboration allows CEDIA and Crestron to form Ultra HD/4K execution easier, more perspective and more beneficial for home technology professionals and third party manufacturers.
com)-- The 2010 CEDIA Expo Audience Choice and Designer Award recipients have now been publicly revealed.
NEW ORLEANS-Among the products that Denon Electronics will unveil this week at CEDIA are a THX-certified DVD player and a 100-disc CD changer.