CEDITCharacter Editor
CEDITCounty Economic Development Income Tax
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Unrestricted reserves held in the county's major operating funds, including the General, COIT, CEDIT, Rainy Day Fund and Self-Insurance Rainy Day Fund equaled 76% of operating fund spending at the end of 2016.
(16) Ismail Gaspirali led the school of usul-u cedit, which means new method school.
Participants of both groups were taught programming skills using basic controls in Windows programming, including eight classes, CView, CDocument, CList, CMap, CButton, CEdit, CListBox, CComboBox, CStatic, and CTime, which are the basic data and user-interface classes of Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs) developed by Microsoft.
El presidente Kirchner y el Partido Justicialista, en CEDIT (comp.), Argentina en perspectiva.
While arms and clothes were bought for the needs of the Nizam-i Cedit Army, all cloths of the officials and soldiers were imported from foreign countries.
The first hemisphere entitled Hoc orbis Hemisphaerium cedit regi Lusitaniae (the Hemisphere of Portugal), like the Spheres hemisphere, does not reflect the demarcation agreed at Tordesillas.