CEDMChristian Electronic Dance Music
CEDMCognitive Engineering and Decision Making
CEDMControl Element Drive Mechanism
CEDMCentre for Educational Development and Media (UK)
CEDMCommunity Economic Development Model
CEDMCustomer Engineer District Manager
CEDMCentralized Energy Distribution Model
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Similar to a diagnostic breast MRI, the additional information CEDM provides can result in earlier detection of some cancers.
Some of the benefits of CEDM include shorter imaging time (it only takes eight minutes to image), cost reduction and superior comfort for patients who find an MRI confining.
CEDM is a quick, well-tolerated, relatively low-cost breast imaging technique that combines standard full-field digital mammography (FFDM) with an intravenous, low-osmolar, iodinated contrast medium.
Numerous studies have demonstrated increased sensitivity and specificity of CEDM compared with either FFDM or FFDM combined with ultrasonography.
The theoretical structure of the CEDM sector selection module (and its planning context) is shown in Figure 2.
Thus there are six contributors to the selection of key sectors using the CEDM. For all but the last of these contributors (which relied on a qualitative assessment of government policies and trade barriers), the AERU research team identified one or two statistical time series that could be used as indicators.
A receiver-operator analysis showed that all three independent readers saw an improvement with the addition of CEDM. The increase was significant for two of the three readers.
Of note was that two of the three readers used CEDM only to upgrade lesions to a higher probability of malignancy, whereas the third reader, who saw less benefit from CEDM, used it to downgrade lesions.
(4) Studies have demonstrated that CEDM improves diagnostic accuracy in comparison to both mammography and ultrasound as it further enhances lesion conspicuity.
This particular case, however, demonstrates the ability of CEDM to reveal the extent of disease largely underestimated by both ultrasound and standard mammography despite this patient's non-dense breast tissue.