CEDSCommon Education Data Standards (National Center for Education Statistics)
CEDSComprehensive Economic Development Strategy
CEDSCertified Eating Disorder Specialist
CEDSCommon Enterprise Display System
CEDSComputerized Electrodermal Screening
CEDSCivil Engineering Data System
CEDSCommunity and Environmental Defense Services (est. 1987; Owings Mills, MD)
CEDSCertified Electronic Discovery Specialist
CEDSComprehensive Engine Diagnostic System
CEDSCountermeasures Employment Detection Subsystem
CEDSCenter for Electronic Distribution of Systems
CEDSComponent Electronic Data Sheet
CEDSComputed Existing Design Speed (civil engineering)
CEDSCervical Neoplasia Early Detection Study
CEDSCenter for Eye Diagnostics and Surgery (Mumbai, India)
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Police in Leicestershire discharged CEDs on 22 occasions, firing them 20 times, and angle drive stunning people twice.
It is commonly recognized that developing the competencies and skills of CEDs is a critical priority for Extension (Jayaratne, Owen & Jones, 2010), yet few CEDs have the leadership competencies needed to be effective in their administrative position (Sanders, 2014).
Are these legitimate grounds for morally condemning or even legally prohibiting the use of CEDs by healthy people?
Of particular importance within this category is Common Education Data Standards, or CEDS0 Richard Cullotta, interim director of the Office of Educational Technology at the US Department of Education, calls CEDS "the Roget's Thesaurus of data standards." The important point is that the descriptors of data are consistent and clear, so that when one person or system has a data field called "gender," for example, all the other systems know what this field is describing, even if they don't use the exact same terminology.
Geoff Alpert, a criminal justice professor, said the study is particularly important for its findings on the use of pepper spray and CEDs, which have generated controversy and been linked to deaths, overuse and abuse.
In addition, NIJ is collaborating with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to conduct field research to support these reviews of deaths related to CEDs. The IACP will bring together experienced investigators to collect data that can help the reviewers determine the cause of death and the possible role of CEDs in them.
According to Lann, CEDS research services manager, LOCI supports the need for objective, cost-effective economic development by providing the information to know how far a community can go in granting incentive demands, supporting the community's side in negotiations by supplying data about how government costs may change, and helping to understand and communicate how a local economy works.