CEECChurch of England Evangelical Council
CEECCentre d'Evaluation, d'Expertise et de Certification (French: Center for Evaluation, Expertise and Certification; Democratic Republic of the Congo)
CEECCommunion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
CEECCentral and Eastern European Country
CEECCollege Entrance Examination Center
CEECComité Européen pour l'Enseignement Catholique (Belgium)
CEECCommerce and Engineering Environmental Conference
CEECCorporate Environmental Enforcement Council (Washington, DC)
CEECCanadian European Economic Council
CEECComité Européen des Économistes de la Construction (French: European Committee of Construction Economists; EU)
CEECConnecticut Environmental Entrepreneurial Center
CEECCentre Vaudois d'Etudes Économiques et Comptables (French: Vaudois Center for Studies and Economic Accounting; Switzerland)
CEECCapillary Electrophoresis/Electrochemistry (also seen as CE/EC)
CEECComision para la Electrificación del Caroní
CEECCoalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (Australia)
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2009, show that generally a low companies taxation rate attracts the FDI, in particular those in the CEEC.
The CEEC car industry, a highly productive sector, can be expected to earn foreign exchange at an already high international price of its labour and this leads to equilibria in the foreign balances (balance of trade or balance of payments or an overall balance of both) without allowing any further enhancement of the competitiveness of the rest of the sectors of production at the going wage rate.
Meanwhile the Senior Rector of CEEC in South Sudan, Canon Yepeta Nathan, urged the people of the newly created Gbudue State [Western Equatoria] to refrain from killings but should forgive one other.
He also and appreciated the role of CEEC & NIUIP, UET Peshawar.
The CEEC Medal is a global award intended to recognize and celebrate the contribution of outstanding published papers, articles or case studies profiling beneficial strategies for eco-efficient comminution.
The positive correlation index indicates the association between GDP and FDI stock in all CEEC countries.
A large share of these unregistered workers from the CEEC work in the "care" sectors, looking after the elderly for example.
Many analyses report changes in terms of volume, composition and nature of trade between EU countries and the CEEC during the process of transition.
For both types of shocks, we distinguish between a CEEC shock (affecting the CEEC block in the model--"A" for "accession countries"), an EMU-12 shock (affecting the "old" EMU-12--"O" for "old"), an "EMU-new" shock (affecting the EMU-12 and the CEEC block simultaneously--"N" for "EMU-new"), and a global shock (affecting all fully modeled regions in the model--"X").
In addition to the discrepancies in the 20 studies, and the fact that the full model had only four significant variables that could predict success versus failure, the model probably will not work with a CEEC sample.
Table 1 shows that in general the decline in trade was smaller for the CEECs than for the countries of the FSU.
Corpora of historical data such as the CEEC provide, of course, an unparalleled basis for this kind of statistical mapping of intra- and extra-linguistic.