CEECTCentre for Editing Early Canadian Texts
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Ironically, one of the reasons for their vanishing was that, when I did finally have the CEECT edition of Kirby's novel ready for the publisher in late 2010, because of the on-going digital revolution, none of these artifacts was usable.
On the other hand, a project like CEECT remains important not only for achieving its main goal of providing a reliable text of each of fourteen early English-Canadian works that were either out of print or available only in corrupt reprints, but also for preparing these texts through the use of computers and, thus, pioneering in digital humanities.
It was through this source that for over a year in 2012-2013 I followed the marketing of the CEECT edition of Kirby's novel that was issued in March 2012 by McGill-Queeris University Press as a paperback priced at $39.
It was willing to sell me the CEECT edition for "US$73.
A scholarly editor, or a book historian, or an aficionado of early English-Canadian literature presumably already knows something about the CEECT series.