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EU member states and candidate countries within the 16 CEECs are committed to the advancement of EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and EU-China Agenda 2020 , including actively promoting practical cooperation in the framework of the EU-China Connectivity Platform, in the Investment Plan for Europe and supporting the conclusion of an ambitious and comprehensive Agreement on Investment between the EU and China.
Through a general-to-specific approach, we show that FDI inflows in CEECs are explained by a large variety of domestic and external factors.
The EU as a whole is an attractive host investment zone for the FDI both on the West European and the CEECs sides, as suggested by Tables 1 and 2.
The CEECs on the contrary, had to accept the acquis communautaire and remove all obstacles to the creation of a common internal market of the European Union based on the free movement of goods, labour, capital and services.
but more striking has been the expansion of Austria's foreign direct investment in CEECs .
Therefore, it has to be decided how to deal with CEECs' monetary policy, because with a small EMU-12 monetary union, the CEECs can in principle pursue independent monetary policies, while this is no longer possible if they are part of the euro zone.
Section III applies the revealed relation between, on the one hand, the correlation of business cycles and, on the other hand, the trade variables for the computation of a potential correlation of business cycles (indices of EOCA) in the CEECs.
Business and Innovation Centres (BIC) which support the creation of new innovative companies and the modernisation and innovation of existing companies (241 BICs are located in the EU-EEA, 14 in CEECs, and 9 in third countries);
On the other hand the veterinary/phytosanitary field consists largely of directives which must be transposed into national legislation, which is a major task for the CEECs.
When one uses a concordance program to search and assess the frequency of the lexeme LOVE in these corpora, the outcome is that it is most frequent in CEECS, less frequent by half in HG and again less frequent by half in the Present-Day English corpora (see Table 1).
Table 1 shows that in general the decline in trade was smaller for the CEECs than for the countries of the FSU.
These estimates indicate an investment requirement of between US$5 to 20 trillion in order to raise the standard of living in the CEECs to the level of the western industrial countries.