CEEDSCommunity Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (Nigeria)
CEEDSCenter for Environment Education and Design Studies (University of Washington)
CEEDSConsortium for Educational Enterprise Data Systems
CEEDSCentral and Eastern European Development Society (London School of Economics and Political Science; UK)
CEEDSCommon Electrical Electronic Data System
CEEDSCheshire Enterprise and Employment Development Scheme (UK)
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References in classic literature ?
Thus, fresh from scenes where many of his usual machines of re- flection had been idle, from where he had pro- ceeded sheeplike, he struggled to marshal all his acts.
"We shall have to light fires to keep them away, if we can suc- ceed. Every one grab up a club and strike hard!"
Well, to pro- ceed: I sat in the private box set apart for me as the king's minister.
He had suc- ceeded in spending but one evening in her company.
It was inconceivable how he had existed, how he had suc- ceeded in getting so far, how he had managed to remain --why he did not instantly disappear.
He did not know how to pro- ceed. However, one day in the midst of sheep in a field (he was now Swaffer's under-shepherd with Foster) he took off his hat to the father and de- clared himself humbly.
The Ceed is the successor to the popular cee'd, which has now fortunately dropped the apostrophe, leaving all of us in the motoring industry heaving a huge sigh of relief because no one was ever really sure where it went.
It's the sort of thing that bothers car makers rather more than the folk who buy their product, but from now on it's simply Ceed - as in a car for the Community of Europe, with European Design.
In the case of the new Europeanbuilt Ceed and Ceed Sportswagon one of the most significant improvements is the switch away from the absurd former name of cee'd.
IN A country full of unpronounceable names, the new Kia Ceed is a shining light.