CEEESConfederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies
CEEESCommittee of European Environmental Engineering Societies
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On behalf of the meeting the outgoing CEEES president, Werner Wittberger, thanked him for his work and presented him with a traditional Swiss cowbell.
For the next two years the secretariat will be hosted by PLOT, the society of the new CEEES president, Harry Roossien.
The new CEEES vice president is Thomas Reichert from the German society, GUS, and in the normal rotation he will take over the CEEES presidency in two years.
On 18 October, PLOT organised a CEEES European seminar on European reliability and environmental testing at Rotterdam.
It was his foresight which identified the need for CEEES to have a web presence and he funded early versions of the site.
The environmental content was judged by a CEEES representative from each national society.
The co-ordination of this work by the R & ESS TAB of CEEES allowed the participation of a wide range of specialists from all over Europe encompassing both a wide range of expertise as well as experiences in a broad range of industrial sectors.
Markku, who works for VTT at Espoo in Finland, has been the Vice-President of CEEES for the past two year.
The CEEES Vice-Presidency is taken over by Werner Wittberger of the Swiss Society of Environmental Engineers (SSEE).
David Richards, the outgoing President of CEEES, was presented with a Alvar Aalto bowl.