CEEESConfederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies
CEEESCommittee of European Environmental Engineering Societies
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This unigue meeting in the CEEES calendar had been instigated by the current CEEES President, David Delaux, and organised by the CEEES secretariat, Patrycja Perrin.
The meeting included many of the current Presidents of the CEEES National Societies and many of the past Presidents of CEEES
The meeting started with short opening addresses from the current CEEES President and past Presidents of the French and Belgian societies.
On behalf of the meeting the outgoing CEEES president, Werner Wittberger, thanked him for his work and presented him with a traditional Swiss cowbell.
For the next two years the secretariat will be hosted by PLOT, the society of the new CEEES president, Harry Roossien.
The day will include an exhibition by CEEES members and examples of innovations by young professionals demonstrating the connection between theory, testing, applied science and practice.
Pierre Lemann had a key role in the initiation of CEEES assisting in both its conception and initial development.
It was his foresight which identified the need for CEEES to have a web presence and he funded early versions of the site.
The environmental content was judged by a CEEES representative from each national society.
This Recommended Practices document has been generated by the Reliability and Environmental Stress Screening (R & ESS) Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of the Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies (CEEES).
Markku, who works for VTT at Espoo in Finland, has been the Vice-President of CEEES for the past two year.
The CEEES Vice-Presidency is taken over by Werner Wittberger of the Swiss Society of Environmental Engineers (SSEE).