CEEFCanadian Education Exchange Foundation
CEEFCumulus Expansion-Enabling Factor
CEEFCost-Effective Environment-Friendly (building materials)
CEEFConnecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
CEEFCommunity Energy Efficiency Fund (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs; UK)
CEEFCentral and Eastern European Fund (EU)
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We are honored to have been, selected as the recipient of this prestigious award and appreciate the generous incentives available from CEEF which allow us to implement various upgrades in a cost-effective manner" said Margaret Egan of ING Clarion, asset manager for Merritt 7.
With CEEF Funding being cut by 50% many of the CEEF Programs will be reduced if not eliminated.
By taking 50% of both the CCEF and CEEF Funds, this is equal to adding 87,271 tons of carbon dioxide, 363 tons of sulfur dioxide and 112 tons of nitrogen oxides into our atmosphere each year.
Director of North Tyneside Warm Zone, David Connor, said: "We have an excellent management team in place and now that we have had the good news on the CEEF funds we will be appointing operations staff and assessment team members.
The CEEF funding is the cherry on the cake, and we encourage all residents including our own tenants to speak with Warm Zone as soon as they are offered the opportunity.
Funded by Defra's CEEF grant, GoWarm brings together different organisations such as local councils, Scottish Power and National Grid's affordable warmth programme.
Mission 4: design, host and update the project website Railenium / CEEF
GDF9 represents one of several key CEEFs that serve as key mediators that promoting cumulus expansion in the mouse (Gui et al.