CEEGChina Electric Equipment Group (Nanjing, China)
CEEGCoalition to Eliminate Easy Games
CEEGConsumer Energy Education Group (Delaware)
CEEGCentre for Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Governance (University of Northampton; UK)
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(8) Certain changes in cEEG, including seizure activity, are elicited by sensory stimuli and are referred to as stimulus-induced rhythmic, periodic, or ictal discharges (SIRPIDs).
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's expectation that CEEC's operations will remain stable, and that China's central government will continue to support CEEC through CEEG
Hence, the matrix cEEG now has as elements the cluster labels of hexadecimal words.
In 2015 the American clinical neurophysiology society issued recommendations on the use of critical care cEEG, focusing on the importance of each care centre to have a program development and improvement and indicating the contexts in which patients should be monitored with a cEEG [9].
Methods: Patients with changes of consciousness in the neurological intensive care unit (NICU) were consecutively monitored with cEEG during 2 years.
Bechar, El Oued, Ouargla, Biskra, Djelfa and Msila are considered by authorities to house these units, said CEEG CEO, who added that the average capacity for each plant will exceed 100 MW.
TW are conspicuous complexes that are frequently encountered on CEEG monitoring in patients with encephalopathy [5].
For (4) and (5), the ground condition during data sampling is the same at exact time sequence and is applying the same CEEG PV module specifications.
The China Sunergy Company (CSUN) -- a leading manufacturer of solar cells and modules closely affiliated with the renowned China Electrical Equipment Group (CEEG) -- has invested $50 million in Turkey's first solar cell production center in ystanbul.
(6) The equity turnover of Ljubljana's stock exchange in 2010 was 0.7 billion [euro], of the Prague's stock exchange 30.5 billion [euro] and of the Budapest's stock exchange 39.9 billion [euro] (CEEG 2011).
At a meeting with a delegation of China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) headed by its President Jia Yangang, President Zardari said there was great scope to invest in the sector, especially in renewable energy.