CEEHCenter for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health (Seattle, WA)
CEEHCharlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (Canada)
CEEHCommittee to End Elder Homelessness, Inc. (Boston, MA)
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The present work was carried out in the framework of the Centre for Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH), and ws financed by the Danish Strategic Research Program on Sustainable Energy under Contract no.
Christensen et al., Assessment of Health-Cost Externalities of Air Pollution at the National Level Using the EVA Model System, CEEH Scientific Report No 3, Centre for Energy, Environment and Health Report Series, Aarhus University, National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Atmospheric Environment, 2011.
In September 2000, Shoalwater leaders attended the CEEH's town meeting and voiced their concerns to NIEHS Director Kenneth Olden.
The Swinomish sought help with this technical challenge at CEEH. Additionally, at the NIEHS town meeting, the Swinomish Tribe submitted their concerns related to the difficulties of the grant proposal procedure for communities unfamiliar with the federal funding process.
Approximately 50 CEEH investigators work in many disciplines, including medical genetics, epidemiology, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences.
This core is currently developing a new facility that will provide CEEH investigators with access to gene expression array analysis, an addition that will allow investigators to study the effects of a variety of exposures or disease conditions on the expression of over 40,000 genes on the human "gene chip" (a glass chip that can be used to screen a single DNA sample for hundreds or thousands of genetic polymorphisms).
The CEEH's organization and the wide variety of services it provides have fostered numerous collaborations both within the center and with outside facilities.
Other CEEH researchers have focused on pesticide exposures, specifically variations in the enzyme paraoxonase, which breaks down certain pesticides including diazinon and chlorpyrifos.
The CEEH has also nurtured the development of another major research center, the U.S.
The CEEH is also seeding future work through its successful Pilot Project Program.
The CEEH is not only fostering basic research into gene-environment interactions but is also looking ahead to understand the potential ramifications of this research.