CEEHCharlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (Canada)
CEEHCommittee to End Elder Homelessness, Inc. (Boston, MA)
CEEHCenter for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health (Seattle, WA)
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For example, the nearly unique opportunity to work with both ESR and analytical cytology technology has given a strong boost to CEEH research into the role of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH) in protecting cells from oxidative stress.
Other CEEH researchers have focused on pesticide exposures, specifically variations in the enzyme paraoxonase, which breaks down certain pesticides including diazinon and chlorpyrifos.
The CEEH has also nurtured the development of another major research center, the U.
The CEEH is also seeding future work through its successful Pilot Project Program.
The CEEH is not only fostering basic research into gene-environment interactions but is also looking ahead to understand the potential ramifications of this research.
In addition to studying the future ramifications of its research, the CEEH is also committed to helping the public make good environmental health choices through the work of its Community Outreach and Education Program (COEP).