CEEKCoalition to End the Exploitation of Kids (San Francisco, CA)
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The CEEK platform provides social virtual reality environments designed to let users experience live concerts, sporting events, and much more without leaving their home.
By enabling seamless upload and management system for creators and making VR content as easy to access for users as turning on their TV, CEEK is well-positioned to become the industry leader.
EON will bring its existing clients onto the CEEK platform as a means to expand their content distribution, including large multinational companies with millions of active users.
Our goal with the CEEK platform is to make Virtual Reality as easy as turning on your TV.
With the CEEK 4D Audio Headphone and CEEK app, you experience fully immersive sound while watching fully immersive VR.
We're presently raising capital to cover the final stretch- get the CEEK app, Content and VR headphones in the hands of consumers.
They incorporate portable Bluetooth freedom, and come complete with: the CEEKARS headphones, detachable omnidirectional microphone, VR Navigation and gaming controller, and CEEK virtual reality goggles.
Their flagship application, CEEK, is a fully immersive social VR hub for accessing entertainment, education and branded experiences.
The selection for this leading group of technology companies allows Next Galaxy to demonstrate CEEK, the virtual reality world where you can play, connect and share experiences with others, and CEEKARS, the world's first 4D Audio Headphones and mobile VR controller, to attendees of the MobileWeek Expo.
We are excited to bring virtual reality to the mainstream and position CEEK as a leading platform to view content in VR.
The CEEK platform will have tools to enable other content creators to easily distribute and manage their content.
We expect 2015 to be a banner year for VR fans (which we are first and foremost), Next Galaxy and our shareholders as the Next Galaxy, CEEK and CEEKARS brands become synonymous with delightful fully immersive experiences.