CEELICentral European and Eurasian Law Initiative
CEELICentral and East European Law Initiative
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In the year preceding the elections, CEELI held a number of seminars for Ukrainian judges on the role of the judiciary in the democratic elections.
Only two months before the decisive election, CEELI held "ten regional trainings for judges on election legislation and its application.
Maxim Istomin, a Russian lawyer and Florida State University law graduate who now works for the university, said former ABA President Sandy D'Alemberte, now a FSU law professor, suggested he stop by the CEELI office on a recent trip to Moscow.
After the study group returns to Russia, CEELI will provide assistance to the Federal Chamber, as needed, to help implement the group's goals on bar development and administration.
NEW YORK -- LexisNexis Group, a leading provider of information and services solutions, today announced that it has funded four significant LexisNexis Scholarship packages to the CEELI Institute.
The LexisNexis Scholarships, to be awarded annually, will enable judges, lawyers and legal reformers from around the world to attend training classes at the CEELI Institute in Prague, Czech Republic, to prepare them to meet the challenges of democratization in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union.
45) Goldstone put his money where his mouth was--when approached by CEELI soon after his appointment and asked how they could assist his office, he responded, "the most important form of assistance would be to ensure the defendants were adequately represented.
D'Alemberte was co-founder of CEELI, a public service project designed to advance the rule of law by supporting the law reform process under way in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the former Soviet Union.
CEELI, a public service project of the ABA, promotes the rule of law by enlisting volunteer professionals to strengthen legal reforms in 22 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
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The CEELI of the ABA, in a program funded by USIA, also brought Russian law teachers to the United States, usually for a three months' stay.
CEELI provided technical assistance to 28 countries in Central Europe and the former Soviet Union and to the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague.